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  • @meimaimaggio: I bet @SantaClaus has a computer built right into the dasher-board. ;-) Merry Christmas / happy holidays everyone! #
  • Wil got me a Brookstone charging station for my geegaws! It’s soo pretty. Satisfies many lusts: gadgets. organization pr0n. and wood things. #
  • (It can now be revealed that I got Wil an Expression Pedal to go with his Line6. He needed it for his pedalboard. & it was a real surprise!) #
  • Wil's pedalboard
  • Wil got me tipsy with a champagne cocktail. We’re going for a nice Xmas dinner later; he won’t say where! Says it’ll be more FUN than fancy. #
  • (p.s. we’re taking BART, don’t worry!) #
  • Oh I almost forgot! Go get your annual copy of me sing-humming “Silent Night” over on John’s music page! #

It’s a Game by WHO?

Bay City RollersBaaa ha ha ha ha!!! Thanks John.  Thanks a lot.  ;-)

Overall, It’s a Game is too diffuse and uneven for casual listeners, but hardcore Bay City Rollers fans will no doubt find it to be an intriguing listen.

Mark says I should only play on S – A – T-U-R – D-A-Y… NIGHTs!!

Muze @ FuckedCompany

I found Muze listed at, that’s another place I used to work ten years ago.  There was always a lot of controversy there between the workers and management, so I wasn’t surprised to see people had complained about it.  But despite all that, we had a super excellent team back then, and I made more lasting friendships there than almost anywhere else I’ve worked.  One guy who commented on FC actually listed the nicknames of our whole ’93 crew and even gave me a personal shout-out!!  I mean, as one of the NICE people, as opposed to somebody he’d complain about.  I know who it was, too, and I feel the same way about him, and everyone he listed.

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PVC show, Audrey Rose

Weird… I’ve gotten a couple of spams today that had my OWN address as the "sender".  Both were ads for Viagra… no attachments, so I don’t think this has anything to do with the Klez worm.  One of them seemed to originate from Korea, and the other from AOL, but they both had the same x-mailer in the header: "The Bat! (v1.52f) Business".  Strange!!  If I get any more I’ll run ’em through Spamcop.  Haul those headers in for questioning, as they say.

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Birthday with Barbara

click for larger imageL-R: Fabrizio Steinbach, Ryan Hembrey, me, Flavio Steinbach, Barbara Manning.

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Chestnut Station: In Your Living Room

Chestnut Station: In Your Living RoomChestnut Station: IN YOUR LIVING ROOM
©2001, Drag City (CD & LP)
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I did backup vocals on the songs "Breakout", "For a Friend", "Elephant Candy", and "What Do You Want The Girl To Do".  I may be on others as well. The lead singer of Chestnut Station is my old friend Rian Murphy, who also produced my records Calling Over Time, Love is Real and Wonder Wonder.