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  • Review: Morning Recordings – The Welcome Kinetic:

    … ‘Songs From A Hotel Bar’ sung by Edith Frost is a lovelorn, understated number backed up with a suitably subtle, glistening backing. ’We Loved The City Years’ is like a dream; some blissful harmonies wash over late night soul …
  • Demo-ing a new tune. Believe it… or not! #
  • Big power failure. Alarms going off @ the El Cerrito Plaza #
  • Power’s back. I went out to rubberneck & tripped on a curb. Bashed up my knee & hand pretty good. Smooth move, E-style… #
  • Hi! Sorry! I’ve been on the phone. What? #
  • The new Morning Recordings album can be previewed in full over here (“Songs from a Hotel Bar” is my time to shine) #
  • I just called my mother “dude”… #
  • @biz: wtf?! I live in Albany and I’m home, you need backup assistance over there? #

Hacking WordPress

Morning Recordings – The Welcome Kinetic

Morning Recordings: The Welcome Kinetic
©2007 Loose Thread #LTR019
Produced by Pramod Tummala & Barry Phipps
Purchase it at No Karma, or try Amazon

I sang lead on one song (“Songs from a Hotel Bar”) and did backups / extra vocals on two others (“Sugar Waltz” and “You’ve Been Letting Go”).

Watch the video for “Sugar Waltz” on YouTube… I sing, but I’m not in the video. But’s it’s a great video. :-)

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  • WordPress bugs out if you have a category with the same name as a tag. Just thought you’d like to know. #
  • Coffees onCoffee’s on at Jodie’s
  • I’m fighting another cold. We went to Jodie’s today though; that’s always good for you! I took a picture of the coffeemaker for some reason. #
  • It’s spaghetti and meatballs weather #
  • Listening to the new Morning Recordings… I sang on 3 songs, and lead on one? Really? I thought I was only on the one, doing backups! Psych #
  • I wish I were one of those people who gets a good night’s sleep in this world. I’m not, though. Never have been. Oh well. #
  • All songbirds report to Albany for morning warmups! #
  • I sang backups on this Morning Recordings video #
  • Please purchase party pianos from Petaluma Pete! #
  • BART sounds like the Tardis #

Sugar Waltz

I sang backups on this Morning Recordings song “Sugar Waltz”, from the album The Welcome Kinetic

What’s up with Aunt E-dup

So the other day my 2-year old nephew Clark commands his mother to get me on the phone.  Very earnestly tells me "E-dupt!!  Don’t wanna be a man about it!!!" I’m all … "whaaa?" and start laughing.  "I DON’T WANNA BE A MAN ABOUT IT!!" Lucie takes the phone and explains they’d been listening to my new CD in the car, and I guess Clark got a little upset by that one lyric.  He took it to heart.  How adorable is that?  Sure hate to traumatize him but it was too cute.  :-)

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