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  • Reading up on real-life facts on the film we saw last night, Heavenly Creatures. Hoping you won’t think my interest is a bit… unwholesome. #
  • @audiocloud: It was a bad joke… a line lifted from the movie. Don’t worry, I don’t think anybody else got it either. ;-) #
  • Hadn’t heard the part about my song being second choice after Carla Bruni’s. Dang…!! Now I wonder which CB song. #
  • Ever since I moved to WP, my content’s been getting splogged like a mofo. Wonder what scraper they’re using? Maybe I could htaccess ’em out. #
  • @McChris: Great idea, I forgot you could do that. I wonder if you can buy a gift card using a gift card? #
  • Terraminds twitter search (via Biz)
  • Angsuman’s Feed Copyrighter Plugin: a WordPress plugin to automatically add copyright message to your RSS / ATOM feeds
  • Kindle books now wish-listable on Amazon! Although, for now the button only appears if you visit the book’s customer reviews page. #
  • Wil is a prolific movie reviewer on his F’book Flixster. Super smart &/or funny. I.e. for Vanilla Sky: “I personally prefer chocolate rain.” #
  • 5 stars for Pootie Tang! “it’s a baddy daddy lamatai tebby chai. That’s a canapan, all the way down. wa-da-tah.” I concur. #
  • Got a little something for Mama after all. It’s not going TO her exactly, but I think she’s gonna like it anyway. :-) #
  • Ohhhh my bank… my aching bank… #
  • The people down the street who like to build bonfires in their backyard just got a visit from the Albany FD. Swear I didn’t call! #
  • Ohhh… somebody at Kindle Korner is saying that although you can add Kindle books to your wishlist, nobody can actually buy them. Psych! #
  • @Ihnatko: I’m afraid of that too! I never blog on my blog anymore, but here I can’t shut up. You’re hands down my favorite tech writer btw. #
  • Honest Gift Tags
  • Last night we watched “Me and You and Everyone We Know”. I like it, it was NICE. And ol’ acquaintance John Perkins (Hawkes) is a fine actor. #
  • Dangit, no editing on Twitter! I’d like that like with a “d”, like… “liked”. #
  • @tigerbeat: Thanks Steve! Will do. #
  • MIRANDA JULY » me and you blog
  • Daddy tried the Kindle trick and it worked! 12/31-1/14. So I’ll have a week or two to harrass him. If he doesn’t like it I’m in big trouble! #
  • Harper’s getting a Kindle too! And you better believe he’s gonna try to hack that fucker. Gonna help me with my wordpress plugin too. @nata2 #
  • @zeldman: once I heard “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” performed by volunteer @ assisted-living facility. WAY too sad, an inappropriate venue! #
  • Netflix has started sending me things that are waaaay down my queue list, not sending newer stuff. Am I being throttled? Paranoia sets in… #
  • Netflix has no instant watching for the Mac. Boooo!! #
  • Getting SO confused about the interaction of contacts in Gmail vs. GChat vs. GReader. Harper had no idea what a demanding lil’ PITA I’d be. #
  • Answer: If a person uses one addy for GChat and another addy for GReader, you have to separate them into 2 contacts in Gmail. Then it works. #
  • Do any more of my friends use Google Reader? Share your links? Holla back. I’m “cowgal” at the g to the m to the a-i-l, what’s that spell? #
  • My pal Jeff Economy is interviewing Porter Wagoner next week. Wickedly, I told him to ask PW if he’s heard of Cynthia Plastercaster. Hee!! #
  • Plopped a discography box front’n’center on my index page. So now it’s even messier, but at least ppl will be aware I’m a fucking musician. #
  • @buzz: great work getting PodWorks supporting my precious!! #
  • FYI to my blog readers (all 3 of them): if you want to comment on my Twitters, getcherself an account and get crackin’ with the @ symbol! #
  • YAY, Perio has a new record coming out!! I’ve been waiting YEARS but I guess one more month won’t kill me. #
  • We just watched ‘Blades of Glory’. Mostly terrible, but I laughed. Can’t believe they didn’t get Nancy Kerrigan to do her ‘WHYYY’ thing. #

What’s up with Aunt E-dup

So the other day my 2-year old nephew Clark commands his mother to get me on the phone.  Very earnestly tells me "E-dupt!!  Don’t wanna be a man about it!!!" I’m all … "whaaa?" and start laughing.  "I DON’T WANNA BE A MAN ABOUT IT!!" Lucie takes the phone and explains they’d been listening to my new CD in the car, and I guess Clark got a little upset by that one lyric.  He took it to heart.  How adorable is that?  Sure hate to traumatize him but it was too cute.  :-)

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Time flies

To catch up a little with my blogging, here are just a few highlights from the past few weeks:

  • Playing a really fun show with Eric @ Mother Fool’s in Madison
  • Seeing the Wisconsin Dells for the first time driving around at two in the morning during off-season
  • Bottle of wine at the top of the Hyatt in downtown Dallas (the one with the big ball on top)
  • SXSW — seeing Michelle Shocked, Harvey Sid Fisher and the Ditty Bops, among others
  • Seeing Mama, Lucie, Marshall, Lilly, Lindy, Mimo, Uncle Dan, Lee & Lisa… anybody else I forgot?
  • My own SXSW showcase
  • Feasting w/ Eric @ Golden Corral in Texarkana
  • Back in Chicago, seeing Blackbird‘s Patty Red Pants at the Chopin
  • A wonderful lazy Easter weekend with you-know-who, starting with an off-the-cuff dinner at Mi Tierra

Low point of our Austin trip: Taking Eric to the top of Mount Bonnell and finding a BUILDING under construction up there, WTF!?!?

Tonight (=last night) we saw the movie Heat at the Gene Siskel Center. Fuckin’ awesome — almost three hours long but I never thought about the time.

Movie movie movie party movie

That’s what my calendar looks like for the past two weeks, it’s crazy.  I’m lovin’ it though, I’m having so much fun.  So yeah, happy belated Halloween!  I had my holiday fun on Saturday, I met up with Eric Z. and his pal Geoff and went to a bar close to my house called Silvie’s.  We saw some bands that were dressed up like other bands: INXS, the Faces, the Traveling Wilburys, the Smiths, Creedence and maybe one or two others I’m forgetting.  It was good times and I ran into a few other people I vaguely knew as well, like Todd from U.S. Maple; Edward Burch; and Alex, a guy who drummed with Archer on one tour I did way back when with him and Sam.  So yeah, I knew some people and therefore had fun even though I didn’t make the effort to dress up like a cowgirl like I was maybe gonna do.  I chickened out, basically.  Without the toy guns it just wasn’t gonna work.

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Movie night

John and I went to see Napoleon Dynamite at the Davis tonight.  I loved it!!  Y’all already know how I feel about tall, geeky-looking guys right?  Yeah, well… I don’t wanna say it ‘cuz I’ll seem like a pervy old lady, I mean the protagonist is supposed to be in high school and all.  But yeah.  Heheh.

Funny links

Happy Easter y’all!  Here’s some stuff that made me laugh this week…

Shave-ice website scofflaws beware!

The Exorcist in 30 seconds with bunnies

Subverting the Subservient Chicken

Buy my crappy router table

Pooping and Peeing in Public Places and Somalinet


John and I had some friends over last night for a taco feast, and rented the Frida DVD for entertainment.  I’d been wanting to see it ever since we saw the art exhibit last spring.  Seeing her work in person practically shot arrows straight through my heart, so I’ve read a lot about her and seen a lot of her paintings on the internet since then.  I loved the movie, though it was typically Hollywoody and didn’t completely satisfy my yearning to know more about the art itself as opposed to the life that she led. I know the two things can’t be separated, but I guess I wanted them to focus even more on her paintings than they did.

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PVC show, Audrey Rose

Weird… I’ve gotten a couple of spams today that had my OWN address as the "sender".  Both were ads for Viagra… no attachments, so I don’t think this has anything to do with the Klez worm.  One of them seemed to originate from Korea, and the other from AOL, but they both had the same x-mailer in the header: "The Bat! (v1.52f) Business".  Strange!!  If I get any more I’ll run ’em through Spamcop.  Haul those headers in for questioning, as they say.

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Via Nuon vs Jennifer Beals

Me and Ryan and Via had our third jam session today.  (Today meaning Saturday, not Sunday!  I’m always writing in the wee hours.) It’s sounding nice. Via was playing guitar with a glass slide and Ryan was fooling around on the Wurlitzer for the last half of it.  Ryan’s so good, he can play anything, anywhere, anytime.  I know he reads my blog and I don’t care if I’m embarrassing him!!!  heheheh.

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