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Christina’s life according to me

My friend Christina Stork just posted this meme thing on her Facebook. What a goof!

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people you like and include me. You can’t use the artist I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It’s a lot harder than you think! Repost as “my life according to (artist name)”

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  • @ticjones: I sing the sad songs so you don’t have to! :-) #
  • Hadn’t heard the part about my song being second choice after Carla Bruni’s. Dang…!! Now I wonder which CB song. #
  • Oh snap! Somebody called me out for writing “There’s too many cars ’round here” instead of “they’re too many…” But that sounds even worse! #

And though I want to open up my heart

Great story, bummer ending for me… ;-)


calc – temporary loan

Calc covering my song “Temporary Loan” (the first song on my first album Calling Over Time)

  • Review: Morning Recordings – The Welcome Kinetic:

    … ‘Songs From A Hotel Bar’ sung by Edith Frost is a lovelorn, understated number backed up with a suitably subtle, glistening backing. ’We Loved The City Years’ is like a dream; some blissful harmonies wash over late night soul …
  • Demo-ing a new tune. Believe it… or not! #
  • Big power failure. Alarms going off @ the El Cerrito Plaza #
  • Power’s back. I went out to rubberneck & tripped on a curb. Bashed up my knee & hand pretty good. Smooth move, E-style… #
  • I got 51 songs on the new Amazon MP3. :-) #
  • Messing with a patched-up version of WP while the bf visits with a friend. Lotta other ppl had the same lockout problem, I hope it’s fixed! #

Kennett Brothers “Easy to Love”

Here’s a nicely done cover of one of my tunes, sung by my pal Edward Burch, with an outfit called the Kennett Brothers.  Check it out, they even did the barbershop thing at the end.  :-)

A mirage

Drawing by Laura ParkMy insanely talented pal Laura Park had this comic featured yesterday on Illustration Friday.  She’s listening to my song!  Laura did all the lettering & drawings on my last album It’s a Game.

L’entrepot (Toulouse, France)

Opening for Espers
At L’Entrepot
34 bld de la Méditerranée, 31000 Toulouse, France

Here’s a video from that night, of the song “Bluish Bells”, off my second album Telescopic

One of those things

I finished a new song today (=yesterday), it’s a goodie.  Well, I have a demo but I’m gonna redo it.  Nathaniel’s coming over this weekend to help me snazz up the chords a little… I was envisioning this really smooth Wes Montgomery-ish guitar bed for my demo but I just couldn’t find all those jazzy passing chords on the fretboard.  I found the basic chords, more or less, but it’s just a little wack.  Nathaniel has the demo now so he’ll be able to figure out what I *meant* to play, hopefully.

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Mark and his many toys

Check out this cool audio interview with my oftentimes bandmate Mark Greenberg, online at Gaper’s Block.  He hauls out a bunch of his musical toys, including the groovy Japanese table harp that we used on "If It Weren’t For The Words", one of the songs on my new rekkid.

Demos and stuff

Songs:Illinois did a post about my new record today… go over there to hear the song "Playmate" with my blessing.  Craig’s a good egg, the kind of blogger who likes to ask permission before posting stuff… I’m not saying everybody’s gonna act that way but I really appreciate the consideration.  So he has the edge… I hooked him up with some giveaways the ordinary joe wouldn’t be able to get his mitts on.  He’s posted my ancient demo version of "Lovin’ You Goodbye", plus a cover-song demo I did with Ryan Hembrey, called "Lula Lee".  It was once part of a country covers album project that never materialized.  Goes along with the two cover songs that appeared at the end of my Demos album, it’s from those same sessions.  Hope you like.  I don’t think he keeps his songs up very long so get over there now while the post is still fresh…


Go to Drag City for an MP3 of "Emergency", a song from my new album It’s a Game, which is coming out on Nov. 15th.  The MP3’s only going to be up for the next few weeks so go giddit while you can!  I hope you dig it.

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