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Mystery Song 018

…is posted.  Last week’s mystery song was "Flowers Of My Heart" by Sparkle Moore.  I really hope you got a chance to download that one!  But if not, this week’s song is pretty special too.  :-)

Mystery Song 017

…is posted.  It’s a little late so make sure you get it before Wednesday when I (supposedly) post the next one!  The last Mystery Song was "Don’t Judge Me" by Girls With Attitude.

Mystery Song 016

…is posted.  Last week’s mystery song was "Never Ever" by Liz Anderson.  Liz is (was?) a country crooner of the Fifties, and the mother of Lynn Anderson, of "I Never Promised You A Rose Garden" fame.  (I have several of Liz’s records, and none of Lynn’s, because I’m just a contrarian.) If you thought "Never Ever" was looney, you should try to find another song Liz did called "Mama Spank".  That one’s truly perverse.

Mystery Song 015

…is good to go.  Last week’s mystery song was an old favorite that I ripped from my (not very impressive) collection of weird 45s.  It’s "The World Owes Me A Living", from the Grasshopper and the Ants record / book on Disneyland Records, (c) 1968.  There’s no artist credited but I’m sure June Foray’s in there somewhere!

Mystery Song 014

…is now posted for your enjoyment. Last week’s mystery song was "The Alphabet Song" by Floyd Robinson.  Wow, what a surprise!  ;-)

Mystery Song 013

… has just been posted. Last week’s mystery song was "Kaettekita Yopparai" by the Folk Crusaders, and I certainly hope you enjoyed it.

Mystery Song 012

… has just been posted.  The last mystery song, which I ended up leaving online for the past month, was "The Best Individual Song On The CD" by The Fucking Pigs. I hope you enjoyed it.  :-)

Mystery Song 011

… has just been posted.  It’s a very small file, but very smelly.  Last week’s mystery song was "Stoned Again" by the lovely miss Norma Jean, a singing starlet of the classic country persuasion.  I hope you enjoyed it, as I hope you enjoy the current one.

This particular Mystery Song will probably be staying there until I get back from Europe in the middle of November.  That is, unless I can find both the time and the energy and the material to change it whilst traveling, which isn’t entirely likely, but is still within the realm of possibility.  So you should probably just grab it now, lest you be surprised by an early switcheroo.

Mystery Song 010

…is now posted in the Mystery Songs area.  Last week’s desecration delicacy was "Lonely Too Long" by Susan Lea.  Ripped it off an ol’ 45.

Mystery Song 009

…is posted.  Last week’s mystery song was "The Astro-Mice (No Cheese On The Moon)" by Miss L.L. Louise Lewis.  Ripped it off an old 45.  I think I remember reading somewhere that she ended up getting sued by Ross Bagdasarian for ripping off the Chipmunks.  EVEN though mice and chipmunks are entirely different creatures as we all know!

I’m installing the stuff on the Apple Developer Tools CD.  I’m not saying I’m going to be BUILDING anything, I’m just saying I’m installing it, okay?  Move along now.  Nothing to see here.

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Mystery Song 008

…is now posted.  Last week’s mystery song was "Jodel Cha Cha" by Alice Babs.  Two strange genres for the price of one!

Mystery Song 007

…has just been posted.  Last week’s misery mystery song was "Rock Pretty Baby" by Ivy Shulman & the Bowties, from the 1951 soundtrack to Rock, Rock, Rock.

Mystery Song 006

… has been posted.  Last week’s mystery song was "Stinky Poodle" by Tangela Tricoli.  This week’s song is equally silly, and I hope that’s okay with you, considering what day it is and all.  I figure with all the stuff on TV there’s no way I’m going to add to the depression by posting something maudlin or "thought-provoking".

I can’t believe it’s only been one year.  It seems like maybe about 2-1/2 years ago.  9/11 and its aftermath just seems like one very extended bad dream in my memory; maybe that’s why I’m having trouble keeping track of time when I think about it.

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Mystery Song 005

…has just been posted!  Sorry for the 11-hour delay.  I’m totally useless without my Mac, so please let me know if I screwed it up (again).

Last week’s song was "Trappelzakboogie" by Drie Kleine Kleuters.  I have no knowledge of what it is, where it came from, or even what it means; your guess is as good as mine!  I do know it’s weird, and funny, and pretty catchy.  I have a whole playlist of songs performed by psychotic rodents.

Mystery Song 004

…has been posted.  Last week’s mystery song was "Johnny Jingo" by Hayley Mills.  A terribly wonderful singer.  Hayley played the twins in the Disney movie Parent Trap — or were they identical cousins?  No.  Twins, only separated at birth I think.

Johnny Jingo always makes me think of "Johnny Lingo" which is an old short film made by the Mormons, that my SLC pals Glade and Davina turned me on to.  It’s on an LDS video called The Worth of Souls, which I don’t really recommend except for the atrociously hilarious "Johnny Lingo".  You can buy this thing at the bookstore by the temple in Salt Lake City.  But be careful you don’t cross the street and get sucked into the vortex of the giant multicolored pulsating brain!!!  Just kidding.  I love Mormons.  :-)

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