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  • Just heard Mel Brooks on NPR re: using “Puttin’ On The Ritz” in Young Frankenstein. Now using SuperDuper to clone my laptop. SYNCHRONICITY!! #
  • Listened to This American Life’s story on Harold Washington. Whatta guy. I miss Chicago so, so much. Not moving back anytime soon but still. #
  • Testing how importing works from EE to WP, I found a buttload of uncategorized posts that I had to fix. EE makes it easy, but WP? I dunno… #
  • Nice to see such a dizzying array of bugly WP themes. Like always I guess I’d just pick one with the right layout, then hack it to pieces. #
  • Heh! 1Passwd has revealed to me that at some point I changed a certain password to "*******". Literally! Fucked up the cut’n’paste I guess. #
  • SIGH… I’m about to kick the Auranauts off my poor beleaguered website, and onto a Google Group I just created. Please wish us all godspeed #
  • Holy crap, the Chicago Reader got bought out and my friend Sheila Sachs is getting the boot after TWENTY-TWO YEARS as art director! UUUGGGH. #
  • Dang, my NPR puzzle answer was wrong! Or, not exactly wrong, just too obscure. Naturally, my idea of “famous” is very different from theirs! #
  • This week’s puzzle is TOO EASY! And, I just saw three lil’ raccoon babies, cute as they could be, staring curiously as mama hustled ’em by. #
  • Got my rebate from Apple. Why was I worried it’d be a PITA? Took like five seconds. #
  • What should I get? Somebody needs to blog a list of the best sub-$100 items #
  • And, I already made the joke about 100 ringtones. But I hereby put it under a CC license, noncommercial/attribution to my comedic genius. #
  • Looks like using the rebate for Leopard is the new black. Makes sense for me; it’s the one thing I HAVE to get on Day 1, poverty be damned. #
  • EWW is that what his music sounds like? Unfriend! Unfriend! #
  • Oh shit I just figured out this week’s NPR Sunday Puzzle challenge, one day too late. Lili -> Momo #
  • Score! I got Jenn Frank up in this bitch. @jennatar #
  • @jennatar: Relax, you’re a natural! :-) #
  • I just planted a bunch of tulip bulbs. It’s true! This godforsaken place must be getting to me. #
  • (and by that I mean “yuck, I love it!”) #
  • Added a new code-snippet to my front page, for recent bookmarks at Using Magpie to pull in the RSS feed. Later for FeedGrab… #
  • Submitted my first answer to the NPR Sunday Puzzle challenge. It’s too easy, there’ll be tons of entries. #
  • North Korea FTW! #
  • OMG I went around all morning thinking it was Thursday #
  • …which means one more day to figure out the NPR Sunday Puzzle challenge! It’s hard this week but maybe it’ll come to me. Piefight? No… #
  • Maxin’ in the back. I watered the plants today and now everything smells like donkey. #

NPR All Things Considered

Wonder Wonder was reviewed today by Colin Berry on National Public Radio’s All Things ConsideredAudio available!