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First Unitarian Church (Philadelphia, PA)

With Richard Buckner and the Zincs

At the First Unitarian Church
2125 Chestnut St., Philadelphia PA 19103

Presented by R5 Productions

My band: Nathaniel Braddock (guitar); Ryan Hembrey (bass); Jason Toth (drums)

The bandmates in Haverford

photo by Edith Frost

Me and my bandmates’ shadows

photo by Edith Frost

Everyone stares at Ryan

photo by Edith Frost

Zincs guitarist Nathaniel Braddock

photo by Edith Frost

Drummer Jason Toth

Haverford College (Haverford, PA)

With the Zincs

At Lunt Basement at Haverford College
370 W Lancaster Ave, Haverford PA 19041

My band: Nathaniel Braddock (guitar); Ryan Hembrey (bass); Jason Toth (drums)

Andy Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh, PA)

With the Zincs and Emily Rodgers

At the Andy Warhol Museum
117 Sandusky St, Pittsburgh PA 15212
(412) 237-8300

My band: Nathaniel Braddock (guitar); Ryan Hembrey (bass); Jason Toth (drums)

The cloud room

photo by Edith Frost

Nathaniel Braddock takes pictures before our show at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh PA

Philadelphia Weekly review

A review by Liz Spikol of my album Wonder Wonder that appeared in today’s issue of Philadelphia Weekly

In 1999, in a review of Edith Frost’s second full-length, Telescopic, David Keenan wrote in Wire magazine, "It’s rumored that the album was originally fully orchestrated, but Drag City ordered it to be stripped back to basics.*  Now there’s a potential bootleg worth killing for, if only to hear Frost nuzzling up to strings."  Keenan must be thrilled by Frost’s latest album, Wonder Wonder, also on Drag City, which has no shortage of strings.  It is, in a word, lush.

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Pittsburgh City Paper interview

An interview by Jordan Weeks that appeared in the Pittsburgh City Paper in the issue of September 19-26, 2001…

Frost’s Bite

Speaking on the phone with singer and songwriter Edith Frost is a life-affirming experience. Her voice has an infectious, inherent enthusiasm, an irrepressible energy, and her conversation is punctuated with both quiet little asides to herself and deep, rapid bursts of laughter that betray a joy, a literal giddiness, about her work.

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Philadelphia City Paper interview

An interview by Neil Gladstone that appeared in the June 1997 issue of Earshot, a publication of the Philadelphia City Paper.

Zoom: Edith Frost

If singer-songwriter Edith Frost sounds like a sweetheart of the rodeo on her new album, Calling Over Time (Drag City), it’s not because she’s ever tamed a buckin’ bronco.  Simply put, the 32-year-old balladeer is just a fanatic about cowgirls. She was surrounded by rodeos and ranch hands growing up in Texas, but it wasn’t until after moving to Brooklyn in 1990 that she connected with the cowgal culture.

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