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Porto postcard

Note: This is a journal entry — it was written on paper or on my computer, then transferred to my website, maybe years later.

Hey.  I’m in fuckin’ PORTUGAL, can you believe it?  I can’t.  We played in Porto tonight (=last night) at a place called Mercedes… actually the full name translates to "My Mercedes Is Bigger Than Yours".  Heheh.  This is probably… no, definitely… the most unspeakably beautiful city I’ve ever seen in my whole life.  I took about 65 pictures today so you can see for yourself once I put them online.  The town is just… I don’t know.  Medieval meets old-fashioned with a little modern thrown in, in all the right places.  It’s a river town and the club was practically on the waterfront, where all the action is.  This doesn’t seem to be quite as much of a party town as, for example, Caceres in Spain, which is also a really medieval-looking place.  There everyone was out drinking in the streets all night long, but here it’s really dead outside at 3 in the morning.  Of course it is Sunday so maybe everybody’s home tonight getting a good sleep for work tomorrow.  Which is what I should be doing!!

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Porto, Portugal

photo by Andy Jarmanphoto by Andy Jarmanphoto by Andy Jarmanphoto by Andy Jarman

Photos of me and Ryan Hembrey by Andy Jarman

My Porto pics

photo by Edith FrostWine boats

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