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  • Just heard Mel Brooks on NPR re: using “Puttin’ On The Ritz” in Young Frankenstein. Now using SuperDuper to clone my laptop. SYNCHRONICITY!! #
  • Wanna see the eclipse but can’t even find the moon, where’s it supposed to be? Half cloudy over here in the East Bay; it’s probably hiding. #
  • Who is this unknown caller who keeps not leaving a message? Jagoff. #
  • Saw the eclipse! It *was* hiding. Hey… ya ever notice how Ira Glass pronounces his show “This Amerikung Life”? Always sounds weird to me. #
  • In New Zealand and all is well! Ryan missed a flight but he’s here now too, bass coming in the morning… #
  • Me and Richard played on Radio New Zealand earlier today, a prerecorded type thing, maybe some of y’all can catch it on the air? #

Radio show in SF

I’m going to be playing on KUSF in San Francisco this coming Tuesday the 13th, at about 10:30 or 11am PST.  It’s a show hosted by a certain "dj schmeejay" and I think the whole show runs from 9am to noon.

My pal Wil Hendricks is joining me on upright bass — y’all might know that name from his work in the Lofty Pillars and on various Simon Joyner and Califone records.  Wil scared up an acoustic guitar for me to use, borrowed from a bandmate of his. YAYYYY!!!  I’m excited.  I wasn’t expecting or even wanting to do any shows while I was out here but this’ll be a nice low-key, fun thing to do.

No Love For Ned #200

The Zincs and I both recorded a handful of live songs on Friday for the internet radio show No Love For Ned.  My segment is online this week as part of their 200th episode and I assume the Zincs’ set will show up sometime soon as well.  The archives are kept online permanently, so I’ll put this post in my MP3 category.  It’s not MP3, it’s RealAudio format, but whatever, I don’t have a category for non-MP3 listenables so that’s close enough.

Oh RIGHT, the KEXP show

I just discovered through MeFi that the radio show I did on KEXP in Seattle on 4/17/02 is still archived on their website.  They had told me even before the show that it would go on their site, but I didn’t realize what a long-term huge gathering-of-bands it would be.  Pretty cool!  I haven’t heard my show yet though, half because I’m scared shitless to hear my mistakes and stupid comments, and also because I just don’t have time right now.  Today is Meeting of the Minds day, where I get together with Ryan and Adam to hash out a few important business-related details of the upcoming tour.  I have a lot to do before then, so… gotta run!!  If any of y’all listen to the show, please let me know if it’s really really horrible or if it’s not too bad.  Heheh.

Downloads from KVRX

I just noticed that KVRX in Austin posted a couple of MP3s from a performance I did there on 5/10/1998… "Dreamers" and "The Very Earth".  I found ’em on my own, I wonder how long they’ve been up there?  I wish people would let me know about these things, jeez! It was a difficult show, I think mainly because there were no monitors or headphones.  The tracks don’t sound quite as bad as I remember, though the ol’ guitar’s pretty tinny-sounding (my fault, not theirs) and I screwed up the words a little on "Dreamers" too.  Ahhh… live radio, terrifying and horrible, but yet… not that bad in retrospect I guess.

Go giddum…

I wuz on the radio

Edward Lifson played a couple of my tunes this morning on his show Hello Beautiful on Chicago Public Radio.  I had the radio directly next to my head, turned on and tuned to the right station, and guess what?  Slept through the whole thing.  Sooooo typical.  Well, it’ll be archived online presently, but still… I could’ve heard it live!!  Murphy’s Law for sure.

HEY!! from Sevilla

Sorry sorry sorry I haven’t been able to blog lately.  I can’t even do it right now, we’re about to go get some lunch.  All the shows have been going great.  I just had time enough to update the Italian and Scandinavian dates on my shows list, and to write to my two Johns (my boyfriend and my little brother).  I have to run now.  Been doing all these interviews, one or two every day.  In Vigo I did an interview live on Spanish national radio, IN SPANISH!!  Good times.  Tonight we’re playing in Cadiz, tomorrow there’s a show here in Seville, and then god knows what.  I have to look on my own website before I can remember where the hell I’m going.  LOL

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Politics is a bummer

Speaking of ‘net activism, here’s a really easy way you can voice your disapproval about the new webcasting law that’s causing the disappearance of so many hundreds of online radio stations.  Or, probably more like thousands, if you include the homegrown Live365 jobbies like mine were.  This is just a little autoform thing, all you have to do is fill in your name and address and it’ll fax a letter to your local congresspurses… er… persons.  Me, I was always more of an armchair activist, if anything.  I’m really not politically-minded at all, and usually ignore all issues until something happens that directly affects my own personal freedoms.  This really does, so I’m happy to add my name and press that button.

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KPIG halts webcast

Oh man… KPIG had to shut off its webcast.  They’ve been on the web even longer than me!  Not that I’d compare myself to a radio station.  But, they were one of the first links I ever put on Cowgal’s Home On The Web back around ’95.  I liked them for their high twang quotient, which was actually pretty rare back then.  I guess it’s gonna be rare again if the Library of Congress has its way.  It’s crazy, the whole bureaucracy of music, it’s just a monster trying to kill everything in its path.  They’re trying to outlaw music is what they’re doing!!

WLUW down the crapper?

Our beloved radio station WLUW is in big trouble.  An e-mail’s been floating around today saying that the university is hiring some outside agency to run the station at the end of the summer.  The format will be different; it will no longer be a community station.  Evil university… I heard they yanked the station’s funds awhile back and are forcing them to beg for money now.  Which is bad enough, and now this!  I just wrote an e-mail expressing my dismay to the general delivery address listed on the Loyola website, since I don’t know a better one to use at the moment.  I don’t mean to be a pest but can you please write one too if you’re a Chicagoan who cares about this station?  There’s going to be a meeting of WLUW supporters on Monday at the Heartland restaurant if you’re inclined to get even more involved.

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Spy radio and my feet

Blogger has been down for awhile due to some sort of upgrade to their system.  (It wasn’t a bug, it was a feature!) Seems to be working again, but if you only knew the shit I’d written out and deleted between the last post and this one!  I went on this one rant about how I LOVE BAGS.  And another one about my enormous feet.  My feet, by the way, have NOT been cramping up on me so much since I started taking Flintstones and drinking calcium-enriched OJ every morning.  But aren’t you glad I just left it at that?  tee hee.  I remember once on my old web-diary (1998 was it?) I did a diatribe about my bigass feet, and my small collection of cowboy boots.  And some foot fetishist wrote to me asking me to tell him more about my feet.  I thought it was pretty funny because he seemed like a nice fellow, and harmless enough.  I wrote him back and said "well I’m more into the boots than the feet, myself" and gave him a bunch of URLs for different websites that had pictures of feet, hosiery, shoes etc.  He wrote me back and said "you have a lot of sole".  LOL!!!

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NPR All Things Considered

Wonder Wonder was reviewed today by Colin Berry on National Public Radio’s All Things ConsideredAudio available!

WNUR (Evanston, IL)

Radio show on WNUR (Northwestern University), hosted by my producer D.J. Rockin’ Rian Murphy

My band: Ryan Hembrey (electric bass, backing vocals), Adam Vida (drums, guitar, backing vocals)

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