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My Week in Pictures…

This is Val Esway‘s blog. She and Heather Davison did some super-cool spooky backups on a tune I recorded the other day.

… which will be here too soon… which is why I can’t even stop to tell you about my recording session with Edith Frost… or the amazing set that Joe Rut played tonight at the Bazaar Cafe…. there is more, more, more, …


  • The song is recorded, ::whew:: I think we all (w’all?) did a great job but we’ll see what DC thinks. I really really hope they can use it! #
  • Recording tomorrow @ Myles Boisen’s, w/ Wil on upright, Lucio guitar, me & Val & Heather singing. One song live in the studio for Drag City! #

Backups for Sonny Smith

Awhile back in Chicago, Leroy Bach asked me to join in on a song he was recording.  I was to be singing in a girly trio type thing along with my good pals, the divas of the barroom, Kelly Hogan and Nora O’Connor.  It was for a project he was producing for his friend Sonny Smith.  Sonny is awesome.  He’s a San Francisco native, a traveling-troubadour type dude, the kind of guy who always wears a hat.  He’s toured around and recorded with some of my most esteemed musical contemporaries, like Jolie Holland and Neko Case.  So anyway, this record’s been out for a few months now. It’s called FRUITVALE and it’s very very good.  I’ve been negligent about posting it to my discography — got my copy last week though, so here it is.

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What’s up with Aunt E-dup

So the other day my 2-year old nephew Clark commands his mother to get me on the phone.  Very earnestly tells me "E-dupt!!  Don’t wanna be a man about it!!!" I’m all … "whaaa?" and start laughing.  "I DON’T WANNA BE A MAN ABOUT IT!!" Lucie takes the phone and explains they’d been listening to my new CD in the car, and I guess Clark got a little upset by that one lyric.  He took it to heart.  How adorable is that?  Sure hate to traumatize him but it was too cute.  :-)

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Good to Know (Outtake)

Since it’s my birthday, and just to say thanks for waiting so long for new music from me, I’d like to give y’all a present!  It’s an outtake from the IT’S A GAME sessions.  I hope you like it.  :-) Believe me, the actual album sounds a whoooooooole helluva lot better than this, hoo-wee!  But it’s just too fuckin’ funny not to share.

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OMFG we’re done tracking

I can’t believe it’s Friday.  Is it really Friday?  I am so looney right now, I shouldn’t be blogging but oh well, here I am.  In case you haven’t been following things around here, we’ve been recording my new album off and on for the past few weeks… we just pulled three really intense days of work at North Branch, and finally finished all the tracking today (=yesterday).  The whole day was reserved for my vocals and boy howdy, I sang my ass off, for twelve hours straight!  There were a whole lot more vocals to be done than any of us imagined, it was pretty mind-boggling.  I wonder if even half of those harmonies and overlappey things will actually end up on the record?  We’ll find out next week when we go back in to mix the thing.  Three days I believe, and then god help us we’ll be done.  With the recording.  Then there’s everything else that has to happen before it can be released, but let’s not think about that now please!

I’m half-sick right now… I’ve had a weird throat thing cooking up for the past few days, with really painful swollen glands on my neck.  It never really affected my singing thank god; I’m not hoarse, it’s just hard to swallow.  Whatever, I have a weekend to recuperate, and all I have to do next week is sit there and use my ears.  Piece o’ cake.

I just flat love to sing

Went to Phlossy’s today to lay down some vocals on a song for a new (possible-we’ll-see) Pine Valley Cosmonauts record.  It’s always such a blast working with them!  And very satisfying musically ‘cuz it gives me the chance to drop the indie-folkie schtick and do something completely different, something I’m actually pretty good at.  Western swing I mean, I just really dig that kind of singing.  This new album is a WLS Barn Dance tribute, it’s the jazziest PVC record yet, and I am lovin’ it!!

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It’s in the can

I just got back from my first trip to Chicago, I had the time of my life! I went there to record my first album for Drag City Records, it’s in the can now and should hit the stores around March, we’re hopin’. IT’S AMAZING, Y’ALL… I got to work with some awesome musicians… Jim O’Rourke and David Grubbs from Gastr del Sol, and Rick Rizzo from Eleventh Dream Day, among others.

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