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On trading

I had a troll person in here yesterday expressing frustration about the fact that I’ve placed my video list online, with a pretty strongly-worded statement about how I won’t make copies of that stuff and blah blah blah.  I should hope that my friends, my family, and people who’ve followed my blog for awhile would know exactly why I would put up statements like that in public, in full view of the MPAA, the RIAA, God and everyone else.  They ought to know based on my past history of giving away MP3s that don’t belong to me, and the things I said when I stopped filesharing.  They know I’ve learned my lesson about that.

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Some sort of statement

One of my commenters is tro… ::ahem:: ASKing for a statement from me in support of independent music. I know, it’s a little crazy but I guess I’ve confused people by what I’ve said before about filesharing. So in case I haven’t made it perfectly clear as mud already, I have MIXED emotions. I see the good and I see the bad. So here are a few of those feelings for the record, one more time in no particular order:

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Two more shut down

Both Blake’s and Scott’s MP3 rarity-of-the-week sites have been squelched due to threats by the RIAA.  While I’ve said before that I have very mixed feelings about the issue of whether we should be trading any music publicly that we didn’t actually create ourselves, I have always felt that the RIAA is going about this in exactly the wrong way.  They’re acting like fascists, especially the way they’ve created their own laws that allow them to invade our privacy and request info on ANY net user without going through a judge, without even reasonable suspicion that we’ve committed any crime.  We all need to support the EFF in whatever way we can, and fight to get back the rights we should have as consumers and/or Americans.  Especially the right to privacy, the right to due process of the law, and the idea that we’re "innocent until proven guilty".  We no longer have those rights here in America in case you hadn’t noticed.

No more Mystery Songs, oh well

Last week’s Mystery Song was "Don’t Stop The Music" by Sixten Jansson, and with that I say adieu to this particular category in my blog.  I haven’t been personally hassled by anyone, I’ve just thought about it and decided that now is is a pretty good time to stop. It takes tons of bandwidth that I should be saving for my own music, and it’s a legally questionable thing to do, obviously.  But more than anything I need to cut down on distractions as much as possible, so I can work more on my own music.  I am going to continue giving away some of my tunes here; they’re my recordings and that’s my choice. But I don’t want them be republished elsewhere without my permission, and I must reluctantly conclude that I should follow the golden rule and do the same for other musicians, and the labels (or thugs) they choose to work with.  Even the out-of print stuff isn’t really mine to give away.  So… one less thing to worry about, one less mixed emotion for me!

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Address harvesters go to hell

So, I went ahead and disabled the display of all — and I mean ALL — e-mail addresses on this site.  Well, except for the ones that I want to get spammed, like, heheh.  If you want to comment, you need to give a name and e-mail address but the address won’t be displayed.  You can even fake if you really want to be anonymous.  And I swear on a stack of Bibles that I won’t EVER, not in a million billion years, use your address for any reason unless it’s a private message from me (and only me) to you.  I just made it required because there are times that I feel like contacting the person directly and most of the time I can’t, because of course nobody wants to post their address for fear of getting spammed.

So, comment yourself silly and have no fear!!  I’m a raging, pissed-off rabid pit-bull trained to protect you from all fucking asshole spammers.  :-)

SpamCop in bed with Cyveillance?!?

As you may know I report all spam (UCE) I get using SpamCop’s reporting service.  I also use their blacklist to shield myself from ever having to look at mail from known spammers. I’ve used their reporting service for several years, and my first year’s enrollment in their paid mail service is just now coming up for renewal.

In short: if you have my SpamCop e-mail address in your contacts, please don’t use that anymore. Instead, replace it with my first name at my domain (edithfrost dot com).  I’m still using that SC account as a filtering tool, but I no longer want to use it as an address for receiving mail.  I’ll try to explain…

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RIAA lawsuit analysis

Read a very interesting legal analysis of the RIAA’s lawsuit against a Princeton student for alleged massive copyright infringement.  Turns out he wasn’t even sharing files on his computer, but rather running a search program that looked for all shared files on the university’s network.  And they’re saying HE did all the trading, what a crock!

R.I.P. Napster

Napster is officially dead and buried, courtesy of the RIAA and other heavyweights of the entertainment racket industry.  Check out their front page and the one link to the dead-kitty picture.  This makes me very sad.  Sure wish they could’ve made it work somehow… it was a brilliant idea that really did change the whole landscape of music.  For me, it was the introduction to a whole new way of finding old tunes and new friends.  It rejuvenated my love for music and got me into all kinds of bands I’d never heard of before.  And it led me to Audiogalaxy, which of course has also been severely hampered, if not killed, by the same evil forces that drove Napster to its grave.

Long live Napster!!!!!  Long live Audiogalaxy!!!!!  P2P for the masses!!!!

You’ll only make it mad

The RIAA got hacked for the third time.  They’ve fixed the front page already, but this one is still showing the hacked version at this moment.  Um… I’m downloading a Linkin Park song for free, from the RIAA’s site, as we speak.  I don’t even know what kind of music that is, are they from Chicago?  I’m sure I’ll hate it, if it’s what’s popular.

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We’re all pirates to them

Another excellent article in Wired, Bracing for the Digital Crackdown. It runs down the entertainment industry’s repeated attacks on consumers, and notes: "Each of the measures assumes the user’s guilt and attempts to create a preemptive solution." Guilty until proven innocent.  Or just flat guilty, since we’re all being punished just the same, whether or not we’ve ever copied a CD.

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There is doubt

"There is no doubt, mass copying off the Internet is illegal and deserves to be a high priority for the Department of Justice,"
– RIAA Chairman Hilary Rosen

Everything about this is wrong.  There’s plenty of doubt.  Copying from the internet is not necessarily illegal. And it doesn’t deserve to be even looked at by the DOJ, much less be a high priority.  Hilary Rosen is high!!  On power and money and greed and control.

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Open Letter to the RIAA

I’m an indie recording artist.  I run my own website, and I used to have three online radio stations streaming 24 hours a day.  Now I have NONE thanks to your efforts to make music illegal (or financially impossible) for us to broadcast.

I object to everything you’ve done to prevent people from sharing their music with others.  You’re in fact killing all music and creativity everywhere you go.  I think you’re monsters, and it makes me ashamed to be a musician when there are greedy pigs like you representing us.

Au revoir to AG pals

I’m running around on Audiogalaxy trying to gather e-mail addresses and new locations for all the people I’ve met in the past ~2 years, and all the genre-specific groups I’ve joined at one time or another.  It’s pretty sad.  The message boards over there are all boiling over with postings.  Most people are cursing the RIAA and a lot of them are swearing they’ll never buy another CD again.  I keep thinking… please don’t boycott the INDIE labels!! But it’s no use, people are just furious, and for good reason.  It’s like someone coming in and taking away our TV remote… we want to be able to hear good music, and THEN choose what we’re going to buy, not the other way around!  And most of all, we want access to music that is no longer in print.  For me that’s the biggest problem of all.  If you can’t buy something, and you’re not allowed to share anything but the "authorized" material, then 90% of everything that’s ever been recorded in the past hundred years is off-limits.  That’s just a crime; there has to be a better way!!

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