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Ambient country, or whatever you call it, is where it’s at

I want to talk about a particular music-related collectomania of mine.  Well actually it’s such a deep and narrow subgenre of music that it’s hard to even call myself a collector, seein’ as how I can pretty much count these albums on one hand!  Okay.  I don’t know of a good term for this music so I just refer to it as "ambient country".  Which is a horrible term I admit, but it’s the best I could do.  This music, it’s kinda like Brian Eno but with guitars.  It has to be instrumental, and it must be sparsely arranged.  It should evoke rattlesnakes and desert landscapes that drone on and on.  It should incorporate touches of slide guitar, steel guitar or maybe both.  So anyway here’s my very short list of albums I love that more or less fall into the category I’m describing.  If you can think of other albums along the same lines, post a comment!

  • Ry Cooder Paris Texas soundtrack (the granddaddy of ’em all!)
  • Loren Mazzacane-Connors In Pittsburgh (Rian Murphy turned me on to this back in ’96 when we were recording my first album)
  • A Small Good Thing Slim Westerns (which I discovered back in the glory days of Napster)
  • World Standard Country Gazette (same thing)
  • Bruce Kaphan Slider (which John W. turned me on to)
  • Bill Frisell Ghost Town (an Eric Z. turnon)

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At the Brauhaus

photo by Edith FrostThe Murphy brothers (Brendan and Rian)

L.A. Weekly preview

A show preview by John Payne which appeared in the April 19-25, 2002 issue of L.A. Weekly. It’s previewing the show at Spaceland on Sunday the 21st.

Edith Frost gives new hope for those seeking that kind of introspective, country-tinged singer-songwriter stuff but who’re bored to tears with the way it sounds. Over the course of a few generally excellent Drag City albums, Frost has taken the form and given it goose, working with your all-stars of the post-rock scene including Royal Trux, Gastr del Sol, Eleventh Dream Day and High Llamas, and with producer* Steve Albini on the recent WONDER WONDER. A singer of subtly ironic affect, Frost skews her downbeatish songs with unusual chord progressions and idiosyncratic instrumental touches like subdued keyboard shards or her favored jaunty clarinets, which lends an inviting ambiguity to the jaded tone she uses to convey her rather personal heartbreak stories.

* Actually, Rian Murphy produced the album; Steve Albini engineered it.

A Drag City Supersession

click for larger imageA Drag City Supersession: TRAMPS, TRAITORS AND LITTLE DEVILS
©2001, Drag City #DC210 (LP / CD)
More infoLyricsPurchase at Amazon

Featuring original songs and covers performed by Neil Michael Hagerty (Royal Trux), Bill Callahan (Smog) and Edith Frost.

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WNUR (Evanston, IL)

Radio show on WNUR (Northwestern University), hosted by my producer D.J. Rockin’ Rian Murphy

My band: Ryan Hembrey (electric bass, backing vocals), Adam Vida (drums, guitar, backing vocals)

Wonder Wonder

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front cover
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back cover
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cd inner sleeve

©2001 Drag City #DC209 (CD and LP)
Purchase the CD or LP at Drag City, or get the CD on Amazon
MP3s are available from iTunes and Amazon

My third album, also released in Japan on P-Vine.

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Chestnut Station: In Your Living Room

Chestnut Station: In Your Living RoomChestnut Station: IN YOUR LIVING ROOM
©2001, Drag City (CD & LP)
Purchase at Amazon

I did backup vocals on the songs "Breakout", "For a Friend", "Elephant Candy", and "What Do You Want The Girl To Do".  I may be on others as well. The lead singer of Chestnut Station is my old friend Rian Murphy, who also produced my records Calling Over Time, Love is Real and Wonder Wonder.

Rian Murphy and Will Oldham: All Most Heaven

Click for larger imageRian Murphy & Will Oldham: ALL MOST HEAVEN
©2000, Drag City #DC123
More info * Purchase at Amazon

This is a four-song 12" EP / CD-EP.  I did backups on all 4 songs, along with a whole bunch of other singers like Bill Callahan (Smog), Kelly Hogan, Archer Prewitt, and Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab).

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Shopping with Amy cures frustration

Note: This is a journal entry — it was written on paper or on my computer, then transferred to my website, maybe years later.

Rian really fucked up.  He failed to book Steve for recording in September, so now if we want to work with him we have to wait until November or December.  Bummer!!  But I’m still excited to record with Steve.  Wait’ll I tell Jodi Shapiro, she’s gonna flip.

Saw more old friends this weekend… Daniel Smith was at Electrical mixing the new Danielson Family record with Albini.  I went over there with John on Saturday to hang out and hear a few of the tunes, it sounded really great.  That’s when I bumped into Rian and we all had the discussion on when/if we should schedule recording at Electrical.  I was so pissed at Rian; I spent the better part of the weekend just seething about it.  Hopefully we’ll get it scheduled ASAP and I’ll be able to rest a little easier.  Rian feels pretty bad about it too, he even apologized to John for pissing me off!!

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Love Is Real

click for larger imageEdith Frost: LOVE IS REAL
©1999, Drag City #DC172 (3-song CD-EP)
Purchase the CD-EP at Drag City, or get it on Amazon
MP3s are available from iTunes and Amazon
Produced by Rian Murphy
Engineered & mixed by Phil Bonnet at Solid Sound Studios in Hoffman Estates, IL

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Calling Over Time

click for larger imageEdith Frost: CALLING OVER TIME
©1997, Drag City #DC89 (CD and LP)
Reviews (page back to ’97) • More Reviews
Purchase the CD or LP at Drag City, or get the CD on Amazon
MP3s are available from iTunes and Amazon
Lyrics are included with the album (CD version only)

Produced by Rian Murphy
Engineered & mixed by Jim O’Rourke
Photography by Chuck Cors

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