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Café Du Nord (San Francisco, CA)

Cafe du Nord posterPart of the Mission Creek Music Festival, with Willard Grant Conspiracy, Spider, Coal Beautiere
At Café du Nord
2170 Market St., San Francisco CA 94114

My band: Wil Hendricks (electric guitar)

Willard Grant Conspiracy – Sticky

Glitterhouse is giving away an MP3 of a Willard Grant Conspiracy track I did backups on, called "Sticky".  It appears on a new best-of compilation called There But For The Grace Of God — this version of "Sticky" sounds like the version that appeared on the Color of the Sun EP, which was an alternate take of the one on the album Mojave — but the timing is different from either of those versions so I dunno, maybe this is an alternate-alternate.  I’ll ask Robert the next time I catch him on IM.

(Thanks to Craig at Songs:Illinois for the heads-up!)

WGC: Everything’s Fine (Euro)

Willard Grant Conspiracy: Everything's Fine - EuropeanWillard Grant Conspiracy: EVERYTHING’S FINE
©2000, Glitterhouse (Germany)
Available via mail order from Glitterhouse

I did backups, along with Carla Torgerson of the Walkabouts, on almost all the songs.  This is the European version — a slightly different version was released in the U.S. on February 20, 2001 on Slow River / Rykodisc.

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WGC: Mojave

Willard Grant Conspiracy: MojaveWillard Grant Conspiracy: MOJAVE
©1999, Dahlia / Slow River #SRRCD-46
Purchase at Amazon

I did backup vocals on the songs "Another Lonely Night," "Color of the Sun," "The Work Song," "How To Get To Heaven," "I Miss You Best," "Love Has No Meaning" and "Right On Time"

I’m not sure of the exact release date(s).  The album was released in September 1999 in Europe, and in January 2001 in the United States.

WGC: Radio Free WGC

Willard Grant Conspiracy: Radio Free WGCWillard Grant Conspiracy: RADIO FREE WGC
©1999, Slow River / Rykodisc #SRRCD 5-47 (CD-EP)
Available via mail order only.  More info…

I did backup vocals on the songs "Color Of The Sun" (Acoustic Version) and "Mercury Rising"

I’m not sure of the exact release date(s) for this.  It was offered to mail-order customers when the album MOJAVE was released, which was in September 1999 in Europe, and January 2001 in the United States.

Robert Fisher of the WGC

photo by Edith FrostRobert Fisher of the Willard Grant Conspiracy at his house in Jamaica Plain, MA