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Infrequently asked questions

Ramon writes:

I have a question about the word TRUXTER as I found it on your website.
I quote the bit:

Stomp & Stammer, February 1999 <…> On her latest release, Telescopic, Edith’s back with more ace musicians including cellist Amy Domingues (who’s played with Tsunami), violinist Jean Cook, and an uncredited Neil Hagerty of Royal Trux. Surprised? Well hold onto your fannies, because Hagerty and fellow Truxter Jennifer Herrema

Please what does “Truxter” stand for?

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A Drag City Supersession

click for larger imageA Drag City Supersession: TRAMPS, TRAITORS AND LITTLE DEVILS
©2001, Drag City #DC210 (LP / CD)
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Featuring original songs and covers performed by Neil Michael Hagerty (Royal Trux), Bill Callahan (Smog) and Edith Frost.

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Moved to Chicago

Well, I have moved my ass to Chicago, y’all! If you’ve arrived at this page then you know I’ve already switched Internet providers… my new e-mail address is XXX (now invalid).

GUESS WHAT… there’s a big fat feature story about my music in this week’s edition of the Chicago Reader. This is the first time I’ve done a real interview for a real newspaper with a real photographer and all. whoah…

I played my first gig in Chicago at the Empty Bottle on Friday night, it went great! I got to open for Rebecca Gates, the singer from the Spinanes, who I dig a lot. You know, she played a cool cover of the Pretenders’ "Talk Of The Town", and I was sick because I had come *this* close to playing an old country tune called "I’m The Talk Of The Town," a totally different song — it would’ve been perfect!! Maybe we oughta do it up as a split single, eh?

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Drag City: This Means War

Drag City: This Means WarDrag City: This Means War
©1996, Jade Music / Toy’s Factory #TFCK-88784 (Japan)

My song "Calling Over Time" (the same version that later appeared on my first album of the same name) was included on this Japanese compilation CD, along with tracks by Palace Brothers, Royal Trux, The Red Krayola, Gastr del Sol, Smog, Flying Saucer Attack, Plush, Silver Jews, and Cynthia Dall.

Released sometime around the spring of 1996; I’m not sure of the exact date.  I can’t read Japanese, but it’s almost certainly out of print, and isn’t available on Drag City’s site either.