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Some stupid title

This is for testing only; please avert your eyes. Or, don’t. I’m trying to figure out what happens to the RSS feed if I leave a blog post’s title field blank. So what happens? Maybe you already found out. Or maybe it destroyed everything so I changed my mind and added some stupid title after all.

(Update: Still don’t know how it affects the feed, but it borks the comments page. So I can’t leave post titles blank until if & when I get that figured out.)

By the way, since I’m blathering about my site I might as well tell you: I think I’m going to resume the folding of my Twitter-stream into my other blog posts, the way I used to do back before I stuck ’em into a little box in the sidebar. This would apply to both the normal web-view and the RSS feed. I have mixed feelings about this. Assuming you use an RSS reader and also care enough to follow my blog there (that’s a big also) then the RSS feed is going to be (to the best of my ability) a complete version of the various info-chunks that appear on my site, at least during the odd phases of the moon when I’m going anywhere near this so-called blog. That would be a good scenario for most people. But if you also follow me on Twitter, then you’re getting duplicate info. That’s annoying. An ideal option would be to offer a separate RSS feed for people who wanted one without the tweets. I’ll work on it, maybe… but there are a lot of things I want to do to tweak my website, who am I kidding? If it starts bugging you, let me know in the comments and maybe that’ll put a fire under my ass to get the template in place.

  • My dad called to get me to explain what RSS is. He wants to use it! I am so proud. Google Reader, here he comes. #
  • Apologies to my RSS readers, as my feed will be going through some upheaval for the next few days. I hope it’s for the greater good. #

FriendFeed Apps – The FriendFeed Playground

  • FriendFeed in conjunction with Google Reader is my new way to keep up. Y’all are all my new imaginary friends. #

Share and Annotate Web Pages in Google Reader

Hooray! I can now post snarky remarks to my Google Reader shared items.


  • Ever since I moved to WP, my content’s been getting splogged like a mofo. Wonder what scraper they’re using? Maybe I could htaccess ’em out. #
  • @McChris: Great idea, I forgot you could do that. I wonder if you can buy a gift card using a gift card? #
  • Terraminds twitter search (via Biz)
  • Angsuman’s Feed Copyrighter Plugin: a WordPress plugin to automatically add copyright message to your RSS / ATOM feeds
  • Kindle books now wish-listable on Amazon! Although, for now the button only appears if you visit the book’s customer reviews page. #
  • Wil is a prolific movie reviewer on his F’book Flixster. Super smart &/or funny. I.e. for Vanilla Sky: “I personally prefer chocolate rain.” #
  • 5 stars for Pootie Tang! “it’s a baddy daddy lamatai tebby chai. That’s a canapan, all the way down. wa-da-tah.” I concur. #
  • Got a little something for Mama after all. It’s not going TO her exactly, but I think she’s gonna like it anyway. :-) #
  • Ohhhh my bank… my aching bank… #
  • The people down the street who like to build bonfires in their backyard just got a visit from the Albany FD. Swear I didn’t call! #
  • Ohhh… somebody at Kindle Korner is saying that although you can add Kindle books to your wishlist, nobody can actually buy them. Psych! #
  • @Ihnatko: I’m afraid of that too! I never blog on my blog anymore, but here I can’t shut up. You’re hands down my favorite tech writer btw. #
  • Honest Gift Tags
  • @merlin: I do that to you, sorry! Ppl do it to me too, and it weirds me out a bit just like you said. I ignore unless they’re plumb crazy. #
  • Maybe I’m being paranoid but I just edited the plugin that displays the list of plugins, so it won’t show version numbers. You never know. #
  • p.s. I’m not JUST stalking @merlin btw, I follow all the TWiTs whenever I see ’em on social networks. Merlin brings the comedy, I dig that. #
  • Make me a Greasemonkey script to display Gmail labels as a skinny tag cloud, instead of that longass column of single-word labels. kthxbai!! #
  • Gmail Google Calendar sidebar – Greasemonkey script that adds a sidebar to GMail to display your upcoming events/appointments from Google Calendar. (It’s not very nice-looking though…)
  • WordPress Plugin Database
  • Mulling over an invite to participate in a music project. I wish there were more opportunities to sing on things! None since I left Chicago. #
  • SimplePie – RSS aggregator plugin thingy for WordPress
  • Oh dear, my rss feed is saying I’m posting everything on December 31 1969. WTF? #
  • Thinking I can’t use TwitterTools, at least not to pull in RSS and create new posts automatically. Seems to be screwing up dates and GUIDs. #
  • Search and Replace in WordPress MySQL Database (via Lorelle on WordPress)
  • I got my Circa notebook and I love it! I noticed a broken tooth on the inner plastic cover thingy; they’re graciously sending me a new one. #
  • I’m done moving into my note-bwallet! Amanda (@swatymyers) would understand the satisfaction. I’ll be using this every day, all the time. #
  • Levenger Circa Zip Folio Compact
  • The banner-dragging airplanes are back. WaMu will never get my business, not that they’d want it. #
  • Think I’ve finally got a more or less sensible format for my blog-blatherings. RSS people, I am sooo sorry. Please bear with me! Or not. #
  • Dang, I gotta stop listing my tags on my index page if I’m going to use fifty bazillion of ’em! Just moving around the ugly, but still. #
  • My little sister Lilly (@queenlil09) says they opened a Panera in SAN ANTONIO. WTF? They don’t need that soup, WE need that soup! #
  • I was walking and some guys commented in Spanish that it’s a shame I don’t like men. OJO: Hay gente en este mundo que hablan EspaƱol! #
  • p.s. It’s the hoodie. #
  • Jodi is so sleepyJodi is so sleepy
  • Blue Angels: They’re Here (via SFist)
  • My Cup #
  • Nice. I just performed some monkey business on .htaccess, to redirect my crufty ol’ URLs to the proper new pages. And I didn’t bork it up. #
  • Well then! I guess I’ve just dispensed with the www in my url. .htaccess is truly truly outrageous! #
  • Huh. iPhone is no longer offering to delete a video after I’ve watched it. I liked that feature, I want it back. #
  • I am almost incapable of typing the word "edit" without an h on the end. Even "edition" sometime comes out as "edithion". #
  • I Am Married to the Berlin Wall (via WFMU)
  • Making boxes. I now have boxes for recent links, YouTube faves, Google Reader shared items. Everything’s linked to its RSS feed. #
  • Sez Wil: WTF is a Google Reader shared item? He’s right, gotta fix that. The eyes of the general populace will glaze over upon seeing this. #
  • Singing harmonies along to Laura Gibson, even though I don’t think I’ve ever heard this stuff before. I can do that, I have mad skillz. :-) #
  • This girl is killing me!! Gives me songwriter jealousy: I wish I wrote & recorded this shit myself. #
  • Added a new code-snippet to my front page, for recent bookmarks at Using Magpie to pull in the RSS feed. Later for FeedGrab… #
  • Submitted my first answer to the NPR Sunday Puzzle challenge. It’s too easy, there’ll be tons of entries. #
  • North Korea FTW! #
  • Importing the Memphis Belles box set on Bear Family. Late b-day present from Wil — said it was something little! This is huge!! #
  • Renewed my hosting w/ 5 years of great service, I swear by ’em. (And I get a month free for every referral… just sayin’…!!) #
  • GOD!! FeedGrab’s offset parameter works in SECONDS, not hours. No wonder it wasn’t doing anything! (I only use HH:MM in my templates.) #
  • Ordered a PayPal Security Key for five smackers. It’s pretty James Bond… #

Mo’ better RSS

In the last post I talked a little about how we now have RSS* comments feeds on a per-post basis.  All but useless to anybody who doesn’t follow that one particular thread of mine that gets all the comments!!  So here’s something for the rest of y’all.  A sitewide comments feed.  It’s a master list of the most recent fifty comments, as they come in, no matter where they show up on this site.  Just like the "Recent comments…" thingy on my front page, but in RSS form, and with full comments instead of snippets.

So yeah, at this point I have almost 3000 potential feeds being served up here, I shit you not.  Three normal feeds, a comments feed, and one for each of the 2800-someodd blog entries.  Can I think up a few more?  I bet I will!

(Oh, dude… don’t tell me your life has yet to be transformed by the power of syndication!  Read this.)