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  • Let’s give a great big hello to the beautiful new twins Helen and Francis Prekop! Congrats to Sam and Bettina, such wonderful news. #

Movie movie movie party movie

That’s what my calendar looks like for the past two weeks, it’s crazy.  I’m lovin’ it though, I’m having so much fun.  So yeah, happy belated Halloween!  I had my holiday fun on Saturday, I met up with Eric Z. and his pal Geoff and went to a bar close to my house called Silvie’s.  We saw some bands that were dressed up like other bands: INXS, the Faces, the Traveling Wilburys, the Smiths, Creedence and maybe one or two others I’m forgetting.  It was good times and I ran into a few other people I vaguely knew as well, like Todd from U.S. Maple; Edward Burch; and Alex, a guy who drummed with Archer on one tour I did way back when with him and Sam.  So yeah, I knew some people and therefore had fun even though I didn’t make the effort to dress up like a cowgirl like I was maybe gonna do.  I chickened out, basically.  Without the toy guns it just wasn’t gonna work.

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Love Is Real

click for larger imageEdith Frost: LOVE IS REAL
©1999, Drag City #DC172 (3-song CD-EP)
Purchase the CD-EP at Drag City, or get it on Amazon
MP3s are available from iTunes and Amazon
Produced by Rian Murphy
Engineered & mixed by Phil Bonnet at Solid Sound Studios in Hoffman Estates, IL

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