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Musee Mechanique

At the Musee Mechanique in San Francisco

Ferris wheel riderFerris wheel ridersFerris wheel

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  • @gruber: I just voted for Twitterrific with my damn wallet. Fuck that shit. #
  • @chockenberry: Thanks for a great app. I never minded the ads so much, but I use it 24/7 and… today’s a good day to pony up. #
  • I had problems with it at first, but now I’m a Sandy convert. Very useful for reminders. I refuse to call it a “she” though. #
  • @Theory: I’ve been to the SF Zoo and the lack of fences freaked me out a bit. A tiger can jump 15-30 feet. Moat is 20 feet. Hmmm. #
  • Andy Lester went public! @petdance Sorry for taunting you into it dude, but you are as good a tweeter as anybody. & now I can reply openly. #
  • @rael: Crap! I had unfollowed you (among many others) awhile back due to info overload. Now I’m back w/ tail between my legs. Yr too nice. #
  • ARGH I got a jury duty summons in the mail. Oh well. God bless America. #
  • I’ve been so busy today… feels like a Monday doesn’t it. #
  • Why is it that whenever I have a plane-crash dream, I’m always in the cockpit getting the worst possible view? #
  • If there’s no food or drink allowed on BART, how are you supposed to shop for groceries outside your home turf? I’m overthinking this, yes. #
  • I want a Kindle! Even though it’s way overpriced, and buglier than a Mattel electronic-football game from 1977… #
  • 452 characters per minute, with 87 correct words and no wrong words. Hot tamale! http://speedtest.10-fast-fi… #
  • The sock has been found. No thanks to you people! #
  • I soo wanna insinuate myself onto someone’s roundtable tech podcast, so I can bitch about Macs/gadgets/webstuff. Role model: @ambermacarthur #
  • So ashamed I could only name 35 HTML elements! Wasted a full minute not realizing the clock had already started. #
  • EMI to Cut RIAA Funding; Death of RIAA Near? (from Mashable’s lips to God’s ears!)

Cozy pink Thanksgiving

  • Pink skyFireplace
  • YAYYY I got me and Wil free passes to the exhibits at Macworld Expo in January!! And THIS year we won’t be arriving too late to get in. :-)
  • p.s. Thanks to Rogue Amoeba for the Macworld passes! Get one for yourself before they run out…
  • OMFG!!! the Legendary Stardust Cowboy just gave me his phone number! He says my music Paralyzed him! :-o
  • Spam subject line: “Change your peanut into a coconut.” Golly! You’d have to buy new pants for that, at the very least.
  • Checking out Ning. Hate it when websites email me back my password, unencrypted! Also when they won’t show me my public profile. I say Bah!!
  • I don’t get Google page ranking. My site is a 5, is that good or bad? It IS the first site that comes up in a search for my name, but why 5?
  • Another CC-licensed photo of mine used without permission, with no linkback this time. Starting to think maybe CC isn’t for me after all. #
  • The fine print: You can change/revoke a CC license anytime, BUT all previous downloads keep their original licenses. That seems reasonable. #
  • I just uploaded my 1000th photo to Flickr! #
  • My pics from the Du Nord last night came out horrible. I gotta get those camera settings back to where they were before I fuckered ’em up. #
  • There are FOUR airplanes dragging ad banners over Albany right now. I HATE THEM. #
  • Twitter, the new design is nice enough but are you getting the message that people aren’t liking the fonts? They aren’t liking the fonts. #
  • Handbags of Horror (via Metafilter)
  • Think pink and do some good (via Flickr Blog)
  • Unfollowing somebody for being a hater. #
  • Lazy Rock Star? Gibson Creates Self-Tuning Guitar
  • Dunno if I like mixing twitters in with my blog posts. Too awkward-looking. Want to fix that, and also mix in Flickr/Reader/delicious feeds. #
  • Royal Cafe windows Shot after breakfast at the Royal Café
  • Getting ready to go see the Invisible Cities at the Du Nord #
  • Faced with an all-consuming desire to get my paws on that box from Levenger. Should be later this week. #
  • Treasure Island tunnel Bay Bridge tunnel at Yerba Buena Island
  • Sadie and Han Goh and Sadie The Invisible Cities at Café du Nord

Backups for Sonny Smith

Awhile back in Chicago, Leroy Bach asked me to join in on a song he was recording.  I was to be singing in a girly trio type thing along with my good pals, the divas of the barroom, Kelly Hogan and Nora O’Connor.  It was for a project he was producing for his friend Sonny Smith.  Sonny is awesome.  He’s a San Francisco native, a traveling-troubadour type dude, the kind of guy who always wears a hat.  He’s toured around and recorded with some of my most esteemed musical contemporaries, like Jolie Holland and Neko Case.  So anyway, this record’s been out for a few months now. It’s called FRUITVALE and it’s very very good.  I’ve been negligent about posting it to my discography — got my copy last week though, so here it is.

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Me & Wil

click for larger imageMe and Wil Hendricks at the Café Du Nord on Tuesday.  Photo by Han Wang.

Café Du Nord (San Francisco, CA)

Cafe du Nord posterPart of the Mission Creek Music Festival, with Willard Grant Conspiracy, Spider, Coal Beautiere
At Café du Nord
2170 Market St., San Francisco CA 94114

My band: Wil Hendricks (electric guitar)

Great American Music Hall (San Francisco, CA)

Opening (solo) for Bert Jansch

At the Great American Music Hall
859 O’Farrell St., San Francisco, CA 94109

More info…

Bert Jansch article

I’m doing a short opening set for Bert Jansch this coming Wednesday at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.  Not a bad welcome to the neighborhood eh?  Here’s an article about the show where I pitched in a few quotes.  It appeared in yesterday’s East Bay Daily News and Palo Alto Daily News.

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Back (for a bit)

Just got back home to Chicago after spending the whole month of June gallivantin’ around the country.  Spent two weeks in San Francisco, then hopped over to San Antonio to pick up my 11-year old nephew Thomas to take him on a trip to Yellowstone with my dad and his wife Joy.  THAT was so much fun, I’ve never done anything like that in my life.  We spent a week or so in Yellowstone, then I took Thomas back to San Antonio and just flew back to Chicago this evening.  I had a BLAST but I am so so so SO tired of all the running around!  It’s not over either; by the time 2006 is done I reckon I will have spent the better part of this year traveling.  We’re in the process of booking another tour in Europe for later in the fall (a make-up tour for the one that got cancelled in May) and I’ll also be going to Australia, hopefully, before the year is through.

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