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  • Whoah! Sarah just told me that kid on Amazing Race is Robbie Fulks’ son. It’s him and his step-grandfather. I watched a little last night. #
  • @meimaimaggio: the word “canoe” is jumping out at me everywhere I look and it’s all your fault! Today: “Cops: Did you see bearded canoeist?” #
  • @meimaimaggio: “Canoe husband” sounds like a euphemism for something… #
  • Going to see Red Meat tonight @ Rickshaw Stop. I took a nap for it. Introverts like myself must mentally prepare for potential clusterfucks. #
  • Eilen Jewell is fsntastic!! #
  • FAntastic. Eilen was spelled correctly. :-)#

Chicago pals

Cameraphone pics from a lil’ birthday dinner I had the other night at Los Nopales Mexican Restaurant…

Sarah DandellesEric Ziegenhagen

Sarah Dandelles and Eric Ziegenhagen

Jason TothSarah and Jason

Jason Toth and Sarah Dandelles

Not pictured: The elusive Geoff Buesing…

Marty Stuart, Pitchf**k, and if this smokin’ don’t kill me…

I had a pretty fun weekend.  Sarah comped me a ticket to see Otis Clay open for Marty Stuart last night (=Sunday) at the Old Town… Eric tagged along too, and I finally got to meet Sarah’s friend Mark, he was nice.  The show was soooo goooood.  I knew Otis was going to be awesome but I had no idea about Marty.  I vaguely remembered seeing him talk about older artists on various documentaries, but had never heard his own stuff.  I guess I saw the mullet and didn’t think I needed to… what a mistake that was!  Remind me next time not to judge a mullethead so quickly.  He was totally great.  The real deal, no doubt about it.  An amazing musician (mandolin mostly) and a super-crack band too.  Loved every minute.  There was a group of fucking assholes sitting next to us who couldn’t stop cracking up during the most inappropriate times despite our intense glares, but oh well.  It wasn’t so bad that it ruined the show for me or anything.  You gotta wonder what they were doing there though.  Maybe they were just too drunk to give a shit, who knows.

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Vocabularical goodsomeness

A few words I’ve looked up recently: soporiphic; aphorism; lubricious; splenetic; fulsome; mien

Words I already knew, but wanted to hear the official definition and/or spelling: livable vs liveable; it’s vs its; apostrophe; hyperbole*; itinerant; prerogative; perquisite; respite; treatise; ostensibly

* When I tagged along with Sheila and Sarah to visit Gary in the hospital, we were joking with him about his hyperbaric chamber treatments, replacing the word "hyperbaric" with "hyperbolic".  It was pretty funny in a very gallows-humor kinda way.

Lois and Sarah

Sarah Dandelles playing catch with Lois last night in Winnemac Park…

Sarah playing catch with Lois

Lazy weekend

Me and Sarah D. went skating last night — finally!  ‘cuz we’d been putting it off for awhile.  Eric came along too.  Yes, he can skate!  Or more importantly, he will skate.  So that was lots of fun.  Other than that my weekend was pretty lazy.  We stayed up real late on Friday at the Hideout and went to the Hollywood afterwards with Nell and Geoff and Sarah G.  Saturday we lollygagged around for a long time and then had lunch/dinner at Chipotle.  I’m not much of a burrito gal but that was really good so I’ll make an exception for that place.  Sunday, skating.  And now back to work!

Movie movie movie party movie

That’s what my calendar looks like for the past two weeks, it’s crazy.  I’m lovin’ it though, I’m having so much fun.  So yeah, happy belated Halloween!  I had my holiday fun on Saturday, I met up with Eric Z. and his pal Geoff and went to a bar close to my house called Silvie’s.  We saw some bands that were dressed up like other bands: INXS, the Faces, the Traveling Wilburys, the Smiths, Creedence and maybe one or two others I’m forgetting.  It was good times and I ran into a few other people I vaguely knew as well, like Todd from U.S. Maple; Edward Burch; and Alex, a guy who drummed with Archer on one tour I did way back when with him and Sam.  So yeah, I knew some people and therefore had fun even though I didn’t make the effort to dress up like a cowgirl like I was maybe gonna do.  I chickened out, basically.  Without the toy guns it just wasn’t gonna work.

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