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First Look: 1Password for iPhone

From TUAW:

Managing passwords on the go is about to get easier, now that 1Password for iPhone has hit the App Store [iTunes link]. The release features secure notes, wireless sync to your Mac, and all the credential-caching fun you expect from the full-size tool — in a handy pantsable format.


  • Wow I just discovered the splat-backslash shortcut for logging into websites with @1passwd. This is the first day of the rest of my life. #
  • @tigerbeat: after living in Chicago, I’m trained: the parka only gets put away in July/August. I know it looks stupid but I like to be WARM. #
  • Now a Craigslister is offering ***$800*** to anyone who’ll sell him a Kindle. The hysteria is crossing over into total pandemonium. #
  • Google Safe Browsing: Report a Malware Page
  • Adding an Amazon Associates link for every mention of the K-word on my site’s twitter-feed. I could get $40! Doubtful but you never know. #
  • Telling a funny story about a looney ex-boss. I got a million of ’em, I’m a magnet for crazy bosses. (Ask me about the one w/ a shotgun!) #
  • Befuddled over a tracklist for a comp I didn’t even know I was on. Not saying it’s not legit but you’d think I’d remember giving permission! #
  • New iPhone’s acting weird. Home button won’t wake it after it’s been sleeping > 30 secs. Gotta press top button, then home, then slid … #
  • AS I was saying before I was so RUDELY cut off… “…slide. WTF?” Is that normal for newer phones? Sure didn’t work that way w/ original. #
  • @merlin: I do that to you, sorry! Ppl do it to me too, and it weirds me out a bit just like you said. I ignore unless they’re plumb crazy. #
  • Maybe I’m being paranoid but I just edited the plugin that displays the list of plugins, so it won’t show version numbers. You never know. #
  • p.s. I’m not JUST stalking @merlin btw, I follow all the TWiTs whenever I see ’em on social networks. Merlin brings the comedy, I dig that. #
  • Make me a Greasemonkey script to display Gmail labels as a skinny tag cloud, instead of that longass column of single-word labels. kthxbai!! #
  • Gmail Google Calendar sidebar – Greasemonkey script that adds a sidebar to GMail to display your upcoming events/appointments from Google Calendar. (It’s not very nice-looking though…)
  • WordPress Plugin Database
  • Mulling over an invite to participate in a music project. I wish there were more opportunities to sing on things! None since I left Chicago. #
  • SimplePie – RSS aggregator plugin thingy for WordPress
  • Testing how importing works from EE to WP, I found a buttload of uncategorized posts that I had to fix. EE makes it easy, but WP? I dunno… #
  • Nice to see such a dizzying array of bugly WP themes. Like always I guess I’d just pick one with the right layout, then hack it to pieces. #
  • Heh! 1Passwd has revealed to me that at some point I changed a certain password to "*******". Literally! Fucked up the cut’n’paste I guess. #
  • SIGH… I’m about to kick the Auranauts off my poor beleaguered website, and onto a Google Group I just created. Please wish us all godspeed #
  • Holy crap, the Chicago Reader got bought out and my friend Sheila Sachs is getting the boot after TWENTY-TWO YEARS as art director! UUUGGGH. #
  • Dang, my NPR puzzle answer was wrong! Or, not exactly wrong, just too obscure. Naturally, my idea of “famous” is very different from theirs! #
  • This week’s puzzle is TOO EASY! And, I just saw three lil’ raccoon babies, cute as they could be, staring curiously as mama hustled ’em by. #
  • Importing the Memphis Belles box set on Bear Family. Late b-day present from Wil — said it was something little! This is huge!! #
  • Renewed my hosting w/ 5 years of great service, I swear by ’em. (And I get a month free for every referral… just sayin’…!!) #
  • GOD!! FeedGrab’s offset parameter works in SECONDS, not hours. No wonder it wasn’t doing anything! (I only use HH:MM in my templates.) #
  • Ordered a PayPal Security Key for five smackers. It’s pretty James Bond… #