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Sigmatropic: Could That Be The Voice?

Could That Be The VoiceSigmatropic: Could That Be The Voice?
©2004 Tongue Master (U.K.)
Catalog # TONG 006, distributed by Cargo UK
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A very limited edition 180-gsm 12" EP featuring 5 alternate vocal versions of songs that appeared on Sixteen Haiku & Other Stories. I’m doing vocals on Haiku 11 this time, alongside other contributions by Mark Mulcahy, Carla Torgerson and James William Hindle.

More Sigmatropic comin’ up

Next Monday will see the release of a limited-edition heavyweight vinyl Sigmatropic 12" called Could That Be The Voice?, on the U.K. label Tongue Master.  It consists of alternate versions of a few of the Seferis haikus that were featured on their 16 Haiku album.  I’m on it, doing vocals for a different haiku than the ones I did on the main record or on the Comes With A Smile CD.  Dunno how one would go about getting a copy of the 12" ’round these parts, but I’m sure those of you who want it bad enough will find a way.

Sigmatropic: Sixteen Haiku & Other Stories

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SIGMATROPIC: Sixteen Haiku & Other Stories
©2003 Hitch-Hyke (Greece) / Tongue Master (U.K.)
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I did vocals on the track “Haiku 8″. I also sang on “Haiku 1″ which is included on the limited edition bonus disc. Also, my version of “Haiku 4″ is included in the #13 issue of Comes With A Smile magazine (more info). AND, there’s a limited edition 12″ single with yet another track of mine! :-)

Other featured singers include Robert Wyatt, Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab), Alejandro Escovedo, Mark Eitzel, Cat Power, Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Howe Gelb (Giant Sand), Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate) and many, many more…

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Muze @ FuckedCompany

I found Muze listed at, that’s another place I used to work ten years ago.  There was always a lot of controversy there between the workers and management, so I wasn’t surprised to see people had complained about it.  But despite all that, we had a super excellent team back then, and I made more lasting friendships there than almost anywhere else I’ve worked.  One guy who commented on FC actually listed the nicknames of our whole ’93 crew and even gave me a personal shout-out!!  I mean, as one of the NICE people, as opposed to somebody he’d complain about.  I know who it was, too, and I feel the same way about him, and everyone he listed.

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