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Demos and stuff

Songs:Illinois did a post about my new record today… go over there to hear the song "Playmate" with my blessing.  Craig’s a good egg, the kind of blogger who likes to ask permission before posting stuff… I’m not saying everybody’s gonna act that way but I really appreciate the consideration.  So he has the edge… I hooked him up with some giveaways the ordinary joe wouldn’t be able to get his mitts on.  He’s posted my ancient demo version of "Lovin’ You Goodbye", plus a cover-song demo I did with Ryan Hembrey, called "Lula Lee".  It was once part of a country covers album project that never materialized.  Goes along with the two cover songs that appeared at the end of my Demos album, it’s from those same sessions.  Hope you like.  I don’t think he keeps his songs up very long so get over there now while the post is still fresh…

Canasta album & show

We Were Set UpHeads up, music lovers! Canasta is a great Chicago chamber pop sexy-tet who just got tagged by Songs:Illinois. They’re good pals of mine; they put out an EP last year, and their first album We Were Set Up is coming out in November. It can be pre-ordered now via their website. I did background vocals on the song "Just a Star", and will be attempting to recreate those harmonies at their CD release party at Subterranean on Friday Nov. 18th. (My release party is the next day, you should go to that too!)

Willard Grant Conspiracy – Sticky

Glitterhouse is giving away an MP3 of a Willard Grant Conspiracy track I did backups on, called "Sticky".  It appears on a new best-of compilation called There But For The Grace Of God — this version of "Sticky" sounds like the version that appeared on the Color of the Sun EP, which was an alternate take of the one on the album Mojave — but the timing is different from either of those versions so I dunno, maybe this is an alternate-alternate.  I’ll ask Robert the next time I catch him on IM.

(Thanks to Craig at Songs:Illinois for the heads-up!)