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  • Somebody’s about to post a video on YouTube of me in Houston opening for the White Stripes. I’m scared & excited to see it, whatever it is. #
  • Daddy’s Kindle shipped! Whereas my Amazon is no longer showing an est. shipping date, just a “don’t call us, we’ll call you” type thing. Meh #
  • Back in touch with Mike Lee, an old pal from Austin High punk-rock days. Good guy. I think he turned me on to the Stranglers “Meninblack”. #
  • @djearlybird: Whatchoo talkin’ bout, did you do one too? OH THAT. That’s nothin’!! Not even a blip on my annoyance radar. Not what I mean. #
  • @djearlybird: p.s. I will only slander nameless faceless tech-information bloggers, not friends. Did you use a pie chart? I don’t think so. #
  • Trying Amazon Subscribe & Save, a bulk grocery delivery thing. Box of Luna bars every 3 months for $12. #
  • R.I.P. Lydia Mendoza – Tejano pioneer
  • Kindle Kozy
  • Happy New Year y’all!! Turn on the TV, Ch 4 is filming New Years live at Teatro Zinzanni. Wil’s in the band. I’m TiVo’ing. #
  • @jennatar: I sold my boots, I sold my hat… please don’t selma schertz! #
  • Upgraded to WordPress 2.3.2. I think it worked. The drafts vulnerability wasn’t so much of a worry for me, I barely use ’em. But whatever. #
  • Oooh I got a box from JJ! But I can’t open it, so I gave it to Wil to hide. Otherwise it might start talking to me. #
  • Finally made the appointment for my ultrasound. Sounds like a *great* bargain for the uninsured, and LOTS of fun, I can hardly wait! Pfffff. #
  • From Kindle Korner: Amazon now allowing MP3 and Unbox downloads to be purchased with gift cards… Kindle books coming soon too, hopefully? #
  • “A Christmas Memory” by Truman Capote: …I had a teacher at Austin High who would read this aloud every year. #
  • Twitter will be down all day for maintenance tomorrow, so I won’t be blathering as much about the Kindle, talking boxes and bug-candy. Enjoy #
  • Ran into friends, they asked what I’ve been up to, I couldn’t think of anything! Afterwards I thought of LOTS of things. How embarrassing. #
  • EEK! Is that me? I look like Elsa Lanchester on a BAD day. Banished myself to the couch last night due to the snorting and thrashing. #
  • The hottest hot sauce at Rubio’s is for PUSSIES. I’m from Texas! #
  • The banner-dragging airplanes are back. WaMu will never get my business, not that they’d want it. #
  • Think I’ve finally got a more or less sensible format for my blog-blatherings. RSS people, I am sooo sorry. Please bear with me! Or not. #
  • Dang, I gotta stop listing my tags on my index page if I’m going to use fifty bazillion of ’em! Just moving around the ugly, but still. #
  • My little sister Lilly (@queenlil09) says they opened a Panera in SAN ANTONIO. WTF? They don’t need that soup, WE need that soup! #
  • I was walking and some guys commented in Spanish that it’s a shame I don’t like men. OJO: Hay gente en este mundo que hablan Español! #
  • p.s. It’s the hoodie. #
  • Jodi is so sleepyJodi is so sleepy
  • Blue Angels: They’re Here (via SFist)

Back (for a bit)

Just got back home to Chicago after spending the whole month of June gallivantin’ around the country.  Spent two weeks in San Francisco, then hopped over to San Antonio to pick up my 11-year old nephew Thomas to take him on a trip to Yellowstone with my dad and his wife Joy.  THAT was so much fun, I’ve never done anything like that in my life.  We spent a week or so in Yellowstone, then I took Thomas back to San Antonio and just flew back to Chicago this evening.  I had a BLAST but I am so so so SO tired of all the running around!  It’s not over either; by the time 2006 is done I reckon I will have spent the better part of this year traveling.  We’re in the process of booking another tour in Europe for later in the fall (a make-up tour for the one that got cancelled in May) and I’ll also be going to Australia, hopefully, before the year is through.

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Frosty calexican ironin’ winos

Hey y’all, I’m back home in Chicago again, totally buzzing about what a great time I had playing with Calexico & Iron and Wine.  It was so, so, SO much fun, I’m so psyched I got to do that!!  I was visiting my folks in Texas the weekend before last when I got the call to do those shows… our booking agents had been talking about it for months but it all came together wham-bam at the last minute.  They needed me to play solo so that’s what I did… not my normal preferred way to play, but I pulled it off pretty well I think!  They flew me down to Tulsa (“I’m too young to marry…”) for the show at Cain’s, and then I rode with them from there to Fort Worth and then to Austin.  Flew black home from there.  They paid me well and bought me those plane tickets and fed me and put me in HO-tels, loaned me a guitar, the whole bit.  See, that’s what I’m talkin’ bout!  That’s the life.  I sure don’t get that kinda treatment every day as a musician.  I was joking with Howard (who road-managed) that the very lowest point for me on that tour was when we sat down in a Japanese restaurant and I looked at the menu and said "Huh.  I don’t eat Japanese food that often; I’m not sure what to order…" Yep, that was the worst, heheh.  Such hard times on the road… ;-)

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Ridglea Theater (Fort Worth, TX)

Opened for Calexico and Iron and Wine
at the Ridglea Theater
6025 Camp Bowie Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76116

With Paul Niehaus (pedal steel)

Catch me with Calexico / Iron and Wine

A few shows have been confirmed for THIS WEEK, sorry for the last-minute notice!  I’ll be opening for Calexico and Iron and Wine in Tulsa on Friday, Fort Worth on Saturday and Austin on Sunday.  Or rather I’ll be playing in the middle, between the two I&W / Calexico sets.  Just a 30-minute solo set, but still.  It’ll be lots of fun and I’m really excited and honored that they asked me to join them.

(I JUST got back yesterday from a few days visiting the folks in Austin / San Antonio, so it’s pretty funny I’m going right back a week later.)

Time flies

To catch up a little with my blogging, here are just a few highlights from the past few weeks:

  • Playing a really fun show with Eric @ Mother Fool’s in Madison
  • Seeing the Wisconsin Dells for the first time driving around at two in the morning during off-season
  • Bottle of wine at the top of the Hyatt in downtown Dallas (the one with the big ball on top)
  • SXSW — seeing Michelle Shocked, Harvey Sid Fisher and the Ditty Bops, among others
  • Seeing Mama, Lucie, Marshall, Lilly, Lindy, Mimo, Uncle Dan, Lee & Lisa… anybody else I forgot?
  • My own SXSW showcase
  • Feasting w/ Eric @ Golden Corral in Texarkana
  • Back in Chicago, seeing Blackbird‘s Patty Red Pants at the Chopin
  • A wonderful lazy Easter weekend with you-know-who, starting with an off-the-cuff dinner at Mi Tierra

Low point of our Austin trip: Taking Eric to the top of Mount Bonnell and finding a BUILDING under construction up there, WTF!?!?

Tonight (=last night) we saw the movie Heat at the Gene Siskel Center. Fuckin’ awesome — almost three hours long but I never thought about the time.

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