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Venus interview

An interview I did with Gretchen Kalwinski a couple of weeks ago just appeared on the Venus website… I guess it’s going in the winter issue?  It’s a good one.  I’m a little hyper aware of the way she smoothed out my words, plucked out the non-sequitors and shuffled around the backwards thoughts so it actually makes sense.  Just edited it for clarity.  I dig that, I would’ve done the same thing if I were transcribing my own interview.  I hate the way I sound on tape…!!  Like, I just sound, just like… omigod!  Soooo retarded.  So that’s cool.  And look how she’s treating me so respectfully regarding the personal stuff.  She doesn’t try to hype up my heartaches, she doesn’t even pull from my blog, just lets me speak for myself with my own fresh up-to-the-minute thoughts.  That’s really good interviewing skillz, dude.  Thank you Gretchen!!

Venus review

A review by Dina Hornreich that appeared in the August 2001 issue of Venus (Chicago, IL)…

It is easy to like Edith Frost.  She designed her own web site (  She was signed to her record label, Drag City, after writing them a fan letter about Will Oldham.  She runs a mailing list just for her jokes (not the annoying chain letter kind, either).  Her lyrics are sincere and the music is simply amazing.  As my Jewish grandmother would say, "Vuts nawt to like?"

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