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  • WFMU is doing the same thing I did awhile back with my Mystery Songs… and having the same problems w/ Gracenote. #

Adopted ‘Never get ahead’

Another Monday… I had to work of course, and had a good rehearsal with Ryan Hembrey. I can’t believe we’re leaving so soon for this tour, it’s just a little over a week away!

They’re having a big pledge drive on WFMU, my favorite-of-all-favorite freeform radio stations out of East Orange, NJ. Reason I’m mentioning it is because I’m listening tonight (they broadcast over the internet, thank god!) and they played "Never Get Ahead," a really great tune by one of my new-favorite Chicago artists, Bobby Conn. I was so excited to hear it that I e-mailed in to pledge $20 (which is a lot more money than I’d normally be givin’ away!). If you pledge $20 you get to adopt a record, any record in the WFMU library, and whenever that record gets played, they HAVE to mention you as being the adoptive parent. Guess what record I adopted! (No, not MINE, silly! BOBBY’S!!) God, I hope nobody adopted it already. If so, I may have to start a bidding war because I really have my heart set on THAT one.

…Wow, they just announced it, I DO get that record!! whoo-hoo!! That just totally made my day.

We wuz on the radio

Let’s see, what’s new, what’s new… well, did you get to hear me on the radio? I was a guest on WFMU at the end of July, along with Appendix Out and Songs:Ohia. (Big thanks to Robin for inviting us!!) We also did an instore showcase thingy at Adult Crash, a cool record store at 66 Avenue A in Manhattan, that was a lot of fun.

WFMU (East Orange, NJ)

Radio show on WFMU

With: Appendix Out; Songs:Ohia

My band: Mike Daly (guitar, lap steel)