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Rian Murphy and Will Oldham: All Most Heaven

Click for larger imageRian Murphy & Will Oldham: ALL MOST HEAVEN
©2000, Drag City #DC123
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This is a four-song 12" EP / CD-EP.  I did backups on all 4 songs, along with a whole bunch of other singers like Bill Callahan (Smog), Kelly Hogan, Archer Prewitt, and Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab).

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Boxhead Ensemble: The Last Place To Go

Boxhead Ensemble: The Last Place To GoBoxhead Ensemble: THE LAST PLACE TO GO
Recordings from the Dutch Harbor European Film Screening Tour
©1998 Atavistic #ALP96CD
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A followup to the Dutch Harbor soundtrack, with live performances by the Boxhead Ensemble (Mick Turner, Ken Vandermark, Jim White, Will Oldham et al).

You may or may not be able to hear a few breaths by me on the song "Choices Made".  The first 1000 copies of this CD came with a five-song bonus disc compilation, which included a live version of a song of mine called "Who".  The studio version of that song showed up a few years later on my third album Wonder Wonder.

Drag City: This Means War

Drag City: This Means WarDrag City: This Means War
©1996, Jade Music / Toy’s Factory #TFCK-88784 (Japan)

My song "Calling Over Time" (the same version that later appeared on my first album of the same name) was included on this Japanese compilation CD, along with tracks by Palace Brothers, Royal Trux, The Red Krayola, Gastr del Sol, Smog, Flying Saucer Attack, Plush, Silver Jews, and Cynthia Dall.

Released sometime around the spring of 1996; I’m not sure of the exact date.  I can’t read Japanese, but it’s almost certainly out of print, and isn’t available on Drag City’s site either.