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  • They’re gonna use one of my pics on “Ice Cream People”, how funny. Reminds me of Happy Ham on Flickr. #
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  • Going to Jodie’s for a Nothing with Something, or more likely a Something Different. I’m always getting the Something Different lately. #
  • This means nothing to me. Oh Vienna… #

Vocabularical goodsomeness

A few words I’ve looked up recently: soporiphic; aphorism; lubricious; splenetic; fulsome; mien

Words I already knew, but wanted to hear the official definition and/or spelling: livable vs liveable; it’s vs its; apostrophe; hyperbole*; itinerant; prerogative; perquisite; respite; treatise; ostensibly

* When I tagged along with Sheila and Sarah to visit Gary in the hospital, we were joking with him about his hyperbaric chamber treatments, replacing the word "hyperbaric" with "hyperbolic".  It was pretty funny in a very gallows-humor kinda way.