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  • Electronic Cigarette Association president Matt Salmon’s response to the FDA: #

BigJimW speaks

This guy’s hilarious, and right: What the FDA does not want you to know from their e-cig test

Salmon makes sense

Car wash

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How to knit

So I’m re-learning how to knit; I’m working on a scarf for the first time since I was like sixteen. Just the garter stitch — I can’t do the faster Continental method yet, I’ll figure that out tomorrow thanks to this terrific video series I found on YouTube! Maybe I shouldn’t have bought black yarn for my very first project… kinda hard to see what I’m doing. My logic was, I wouldn’t have to worry about getting the thing dirty while I flailed around working on it. But anyway, it’s not so bad. I got like four inches done in the last 24 hours — 50 stitches, maybe 12 or 13 rows. It’s going to be a pretty wide and long scarf, if I actually finish it. :-)

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  • Somebody’s about to post a video on YouTube of me in Houston opening for the White Stripes. I’m scared & excited to see it, whatever it is. #

The Shaggs “My Pal Foot Foot”

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Gene Gene

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