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Me and Jenn at Macworld

My pal Jenn Frank just blogged this little video she took of the Axiotron Modbook at Macworld 2008…

  • Memphis Minnie – Videos and mp3s
  • Trying to remember the first piece of spam I ever got, that would’ve been like ’93. I think I wrote them back. “How did you get my address?” #
  • Applied for a datajock job. My resume is such a joke, but I do have skillz. Too bad all record-store attempts have failed, it’s slow season. #
  • FUCK! I accidentally followed a bunch of people I didn’t mean to follow. I blame Twitter for not explaining that “next” button. #
  • (These are people Gmail put in my contacts, who aren’t necessarily ppl *I’d* call contacts, or aren’t even using their Twitter. Sorry folks) #
  • Reexamining what happened… my fault: boxes were checked, I didn’t notice. “Continue” might oughta be changed to “Follow” tho, for clarity. #
  • @senorfluffface: I kept you, on purpose! I only deleted the, you know, support ppl (Gmail auto-added) and ppl who don’t use their twitter. #
  • Dreamed I was at a hotel and found a huge pile of wadded-up bills, Euros I think. Filled both pockets & a makeup bag. If only it were true! #
  • Aimee Mann – Wise Up (thanks freak)
  • On the iPhone, the terms “sleep”, “lock” and “standby” all mean exactly the same thing, correct? I gotta problem with that. #
  • Once again experiencing crushing guilt over my walled F’book garden of RLFs and family. @leolaporte has opened his up to everyone… waaah!! #
  • Doing a full erase and restore. If that doesn’t work I’m gonna set it up as a “new iphone” but I gotta grab my Notes first (lyric snippets). #
  • Wow, fancy label colors in Gmail #
  • Kitty Wigs! (via Laughing Squid)
  • No charges in the Megan Meier suicide case. It figures. #
  • The Miniature Earth
  • It blows my mind that Stringer on The Wire is a British guy. McNutty’s Baltimore accent is so shitty it’s obvious, but Stringer? Whoah. #

Tabulate and Sonny Smith

  • Tabulate bookmarklet for iPhone
  • Sonny Smith live at the Make Out Room: Bad Cop / The Gospel Song / Private Dick
  • The speed freak
  • My old G4 iBook won’t stop crying. I mean crashing. Surely not because I tried to install Leopard, slightly hacked and very unsupported? Meh #

Sonny Smith 7×7 Magazine Exclusive Behind the Scenes

Morning Recordings – The Welcome Kinetic

Morning Recordings: The Welcome Kinetic
©2007 Loose Thread #LTR019
Produced by Pramod Tummala & Barry Phipps
Purchase it at No Karma, or try Amazon

I sang lead on one song (“Songs from a Hotel Bar”) and did backups / extra vocals on two others (“Sugar Waltz” and “You’ve Been Letting Go”).

Watch the video for “Sugar Waltz” on YouTube… I sing, but I’m not in the video. But’s it’s a great video. :-)

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  • I wish I were one of those people who gets a good night’s sleep in this world. I’m not, though. Never have been. Oh well. #
  • All songbirds report to Albany for morning warmups! #
  • I sang backups on this Morning Recordings video #
  • Please purchase party pianos from Petaluma Pete! #
  • BART sounds like the Tardis #

Sugar Waltz

I sang backups on this Morning Recordings song “Sugar Waltz”, from the album The Welcome Kinetic

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