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©2001 Drag City #DC209 (CD and LP)
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My third album, also released in Japan on P-Vine.

Produced by Rian Murphy
Engineered by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio Recording, Chicago, Illinois
All songs by Edith Frost, published by Marfa Music (BMI)
Mastered by John Golden
Cover image by Deborah Moore
Other photos by Mark Nomura
Layout by Dan Osborn

Musicians: Amy Domingues, Steve Dorocke, Edith Frost, Mark Greenberg, Ryan Hembrey, Glenn Kotche, Bill Lowman, Paul Mertens, Rian Murphy, Archer Prewitt, Rick Rizzo, Susan Voelz

Songs: True; Cars and Parties; Who; Wonder Wonder; Hear My Heart; The Fear; Dreamers; Further; Merry Go Round; Easy to Love; Honey Please; You’re Decided

Reviewed by Colin Berry on NPR’s All Things Considered, July 31, 2001